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This is a guide on strategy to fight zombies , with a few tactics.

The simple principles

1. Win All Without Fighting (not literally of course, since combat is what this game is built around)

2. Avoid Strength, Attack Weakness

3. Deception and Foreknowledge

4. Speed and Preparation

5. Shaping the Enemy

6. Character-Based Leadership

Knowing the "zombie"

Despite many player's thoughts, zombies are actually the dominating faction (I don't mean in numbers )Zombies need not worry of searching for items, or finding a safe house, or finding weapons.

Zombies don't care no matter how many times you kill them. Head shots can delay their attack for a brief time, but even then, good zombies can stand for 6AP. A few players advocate combat reviving to use against zombies, hoping they will decide to play survivor for an extended period of time. Combat reviving is based around that core idea which rarely works. In fact, a combat reviver is wasting precious AP both for searching and using a rev. syr. Zombies just go and just out of a building or let other zombies rekill it for quick xp.

Any intelligent zombie joins a group, which protects them, increases their killing ability, and allows faster xp gain. This grouping can be used against them. Look at the danger map, once an area starts turning yellow its soon going to go orange or even red shortly. Right now the horde seems to be moving southwest, so any south westerners should prepare. Monitoring major zombie group's pages and forums care vital to predict zombie movements. By "the horde", I mean the general grouping of zombies.

Zombies mainly acquire xp from murdering lone survivors stranded on the street, constantly attacking barricades, or killing survivors after other zombies constantly attack barricades.

How to Prosper and survive

Knowing the way of the zombies you must plan and fight accordingly. Binoculars and necrotech scans are your best friends. Binoculars are best, as they are much more accurate and current. You might want to monitor Zombie group's pages to learn of their intentions.

If it is relatively safe in an area survivors can do whatever they want pretty much while still adhering to the old end indoors plan and of course the barricade plan.

In dangerous areas much different must be done. A joint effort must occur. If you are not already part of a group, join one.If you are the leader of a larger group (10 people or more) that is even better First, you must secure (secure means light and barricade to a proficient amount ) factories to acquire a decent generator source. Barricade it to EHB+++ and light it. Support from outside your suburb may be needed if zombie activity is extremely high. Afterward, decoys must be constructed around the town. These decoys should be barricaded until you start failing. Lighting them is an option, but should not be done until more important buildings are lighted. Entry points should be lower profile buildings which are decently scattered. Once decoys are constructed TRP can be secured,with necrotechs being of highest priority. These must be defended at all costs. Arrange a temporary revive point with other leading groups, under a password protected forum somewhere. Keeping this moderately classified will be vital since zombie groups are surely watching survivor forums. Second, shall be Police departments, the superior supply of weapons. You must guard TRP with your lives.Have large numbers of survivors sleep in TRP. End inside a TRP. Meatsheilding is a great defense, once all survivors inside a TRP are killed it is ruined. After it is ruined it can be a HUGE pain to retake it. If you are really worried, there can even be patrols, in which a certain survivors logs on for a certain time, then has another take his post. More people keeping guard, the better.

No matter what, barricades come first. Once 'cades start falling they must be immediately replaced if its not too late. Killing zombies should be last to worry about. Check 'cades first, second heal others, third check again, fourth, check surrounding buildings, last attack but only if you really need xp or it seems safe you never know when just 1 of them becomes active, anyway if many of them are active you may draw them to a survivor concentration.

After all that is done, there is one thing left, tactics.


Many tactics may be applied, but I have a few combat tactics of my own. These should only be used if you really need xp, otherwise just continually barricades, heal, barricade.

1.Luring. Note: luring must occur at times in which many zombies are active. Go to the zombie group's forum saying "I found this bunch of survivors hiding in (whatever the place is you plan to lure them to.) They are all real low on hp. You gotta send some people to attack it! Bait buildings should be EHB, though not a TRP. Have a large concentration of survivors(I'm talking about 15-20) survivors), full HP, heavily armed survivors freerun into it. They must all be active in wait during the luring. Once zombies begin to storm your barricades, each person in your group may use 1-2 AP to repair barricades. Once they break though, this large group of ambushing survivors will strike swiftly, inflicting heavy damage on surprised zombies. Many full ammo shotguns are preferred, though pistols shall work just as well. Assuming these zombies underestimated your forces you will inflict heavy "shock" damage on a occupying zombie group.Medics should be ready in adjacent buildings in any case since many warriors will be injured. If zombies stay and fight this will be good, bu only if the survivor group is sure of victory, if the survivor ambush group can't win they should simply fire until they are low on HP, then free run to a medic concentration. If the survivor group manages to kill many zombies this is wonderful. Zombies will be dazed by survivor triumph. If zombies flee the same effect will be present. In any outcome zombies will be dazed at their loss, or surprised of survivor coordination, zombies will be slightly more careful when taking any information of survivors fearing it may be another ambush.

2.Sturmtruppen (stormtroopers) (and no I'm talking about WWII not star wars) In this tactic survivors are divided into groups with the following people.

3-5 Militia: The main combat troops, their function is to fight. They must have a large amount of weapons and ammo. 3-5 loaded pistols or 4-5 shotguns. Full firearms skills are preferred.

2 Medics: You healers. Must have at least 5 First aid kits. First aid is a plus

1 Builder: A person for construction. Obviously they must have construction. This is a person for safety purposes. You never know...

Groups with these people use the hit and run tactic. Preferably, two stormtrooper groups attack a large zombie group until they become moderately damaged, then run in their groups in opposite directions to split the horde. This can also be used in conjunction with the lure tactic. When in combat Medics and members of "the working class" should stay 1 block away from the Red guards whom are attacking. Once they run away, medics and the working class follow back to the safe house via entry point. This tactic can scatter zombie forces, making them easier attack.


Not exactly vital, but good to use. Obviously zombies are watching survivor radio frequencies ...why not let them become disheartened? On your local frequency, have as many people as you can broadcast anti-zombie messages. This should be done by people either too far away to help you, or by a few people whom it is designated their job to do this. This is only propaganda, and is not guaranteed to harm zombie players, but it is good anyway. Propaganda on may annoy your fellow survivors, but they should talk on forums anyway

Broadcast junk like, say:

"You 3P1iC Phail ZomBs."

"Better Dead than Zed"

Probably insults better than that, but keep in mind propaganda should be disheartening, yet not offensive.

On your group forums and pages, arrange for anti zombie propaganda images. This is psychological warfare.

Messages to reinforce your fellow survivors is also useful. A little motivation does a lot, including potentially halting deserters. If you're really serious, compose a poem or even a song for survivor forces. A catchy tune or poem is great in all ways.

The end

I guess I'll end this guide with an interpretation of the 6 principles

1. Win All Without Fighting Instead of trench coating to make an illusion you are causing a decisive strike, have barricades be your top priority. Don't give them motivation, give them "an endless grinding task of wasting away AP hopelessly swinging at barricades"

2. Avoid Strength, Attack Weakness

Attack smaller groups (if you really need to) in an organized fashion instead of going head on against the largest concentration of them you can find.

3. Deception and Foreknowledge

Know the zombie, trick the zombie

4. Speed and Preparation

Get things done quickly and always be prepared even before zombies come knocking at your barricades.

5. Shaping the Enemy

Lure them apart to scatter their forces, making it easier to defeat.

6. Character-Based Leadership

Don't give up, if other survivors find their leader being a coward or idiot they will lose faith.

I guess that's the end of this guide...Tis the gift to be simple tis the gift to be free...

common objections/answers

Objection:NT's should be secured first.

Answer:Factories should be secured first since they are the best source of generators. Generators are vital to take back an area. Taking NT's first may provide a source of revives, but need a generator to be more efficient. Making generators easier to find makes overall searching better, aiding survivors across the suburb. In addition, many Gkers will be around to wreck generators. Securing a factory first will help to quickly resupply Gked buildings.

Objection:Anti-zombie Propaganda and misinformation is unsportsmanlike

Answer:So are zombie spies, gkers, and zergers! Zombies employ their own "unsportsmanlike" strategies ranging from annoying to just plain cheating. Zombies try to clog up RPs with rotters. They also constantly strike with gkers! Of course there is that 1 last thing...people with many alternate disposable accounts! In a few caiger mall sieges ,zombies used hundreds of alts! I'm sure many zombies have used misinformation to kill survivors! This is why survivors must counter them! Use propaganda! Don't cheat and use many alternate account, but give them misinformation!

Objection:Luring doesn't work

Answer:Of course it works! you just must have patience! The problem is that very few people have tried it in an organized way, simply dismissing luring as "junk".

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