Zombie Extermination Squad

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The Zombie Extermination Squad

Z.E.S is a pro-survivor group from malton that focus there time in the south east of the city. Fairly new to malton, it's founding members are from Ottawa Canada.

Zombie Extermination Squad
Abbreviation: Z.E.S
Group Numbers: 3.14159265359
Leadership: We Are Our Own Leaders
Goals: Stopping The Horde
Recruitment Policy: Open Recruiting
Contact: Tag the HQ or come and talk to us

Confirmed Members Include

Bradley Cosman|Construction Engineer and Recon.

Krom Smash | "Smash"

Gary Polanski |Military Intelligence

Gonzo MD | Group Doctor

Sgt Hatchett |Free running zombie slayer

Johnny Hatchett | Fuel Supply

Luthom Beddict | Construction and Tactical Support

Beverly Cleary | Graffiti bandit

koroshiyo | The Space Pirate

Benjamin Pratley | Formerly stationed at Burt Square P.D.

Z.E.S Headquarters is located at the Windey Towers (93,78) in southwest penny heights.

If you want to join us come to the towers and leave a message.

Z.E.S is currently working in fryerbank and penny heights rebuilding the suburb, and taking out the trash. We support the baricade plans and the sacred ground policy.

Zombie Extermination Squad radio is 28.07

PKer's Gker's and zombie spies be afraid as WE WILL take you down.