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Let me ask you something Malton.

When is the last time you thought about the special little someone in your heart?

We both know who I am talking about.

Petrojsko Sonny Patrucio Murray Moloch Johnny Bass Globule Jadkor Irishmen, our glorious and perfect leader, who has led us into a new, perfect age of enlightenment.

Isn't it great that our perfect leader has made this perfect society for us to discover our true, inner Barhah?

Isn't it great to hear his soothing voice in your head, telling you how perfect you are, and how wonderful it will be to hunt down that old woman trying to escape across the border into Roachtown?

Let us give thanks to our perfect leader.

Under his guidance, we will never falter.

Under his divine wisdom, we will never fail.

-Speaker for the Undead