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I play 4 characters in Malton:

John Dortmunder - a level 37 zombie [1]

Tiny Bulcher - a level 21 scientist (retired)

Andy Kelp - a level 22 zombie [2]

and an unknown PKer

My Suggestions:

Limited Use Flak Jackets

  • Time: 17:47, 29 Nov 2005 (GMT)
  • Type:Item Change
  • Scope:Everyone
  • Description:Flak Jackets should have a maximum capacity to absorb 5 (maybe 10) bullets/shotgun blasts. These things should wear down as they take abuse. This could be programmed in much the same way as the pistols or shotguns, with a counter next to the item. I think this would add a degree of realism to the game. Granted this would be slightly unfair to brain rot zombies who are wearing flak jackets.


Peer Rejected 7 keeps 9 kills.
I'm not very proud of this one. It was my first suggestion, and although I recognized the fact that it might hurt zombies when I wrote it, I didn't realize the full effect it might have on the game. That being said, many of the comments by the Algonquin Round Table of the suggestions page were dismissive, rude, and unconstructive. Hey guys sorry for trying to help!


  • Time:07:29, 20 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Type:Action Change
  • Scope:Humans
  • Description:As of right now there are 17,000+ active corpses in the game. In reality this would cause a disease epidemic among the living. As survivors do not eat or drink in the course of the game, I think we could add this reality by adding a 20% chance of becoming infected when survivors dump bodies. The infection would work along the same lines as the zombie bite infection. Think of survivors, wounded or otherwise, with cuts, scrapes, lacerations, etc. handling dead bodies with infected fluids seeping out of everywhere.
  • The game has become a little too easy for the humans, I think this could help to address the imbalances in the game, and make things a little bit more tense for humans
  • Note If you agree with this suggestion, but not the percentage I suggested, then plese vote keep and add your preferred percentage in the comment. I can easily change this later


Peer Rejected 1 Keep, 6 Kills

Taking Spam out of Feeding Groan

  • time:18:20, 20 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • type:improvement
  • scope:zombies
  • description:I have a zombie character who is taking part in the Mall Tour. When I log in after 24 hours, I discover about 60-70 feeding groans spamming the page. This is a little bit annoying to look at for everyone, and can make it tedious to look through all of the messages to find out if anything important happened to your zombie.

So...I would suggest that feeding groans from the same location be combined, with the number of groans in parentheses and the timestamp of the most recent one displayed i.e.

You heard a groan from 2 blocks south and 1 block west (4 times) 3:41:20

I think this would work out well for the game, it cleans up our screens, avoids some boring work, yet still gives the information that's become very valueable to lower level zombies. If most of you disagree, it would at least make a nice addition to the Firefox extensions.

(I have to give most of the credit to Scary Uncle and Smoked for this, they took an idea of mine and made it something that works)

Edit: Leave the timestamps in You heard a groan from 2 blocks south and 1 block west (4 times) 1-20 18:36 GMT

1-19 18:24 GMT, 1-19 18:26 GMT, 1-19 18:32 GMT, 1-20 18:36 GMT


Peer Rejected 2 Keeps 5 Kills (for the timestamp problem)

Revision - Peer Approved 22 Keeps 1 Kill (and that was a lame vote)