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Picture 22.png
Joined: 17 December 2006
Character class: Military
Favorite equipment: Axe/Please Revive Sign
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Dead but likes Revives
Character group: I'm a Free Woman
Character stats: Is it your business? No.
Journal: No journal for PerpetuallyDead

Warant Officer Class One Karen Wilson, 16th Air Assault Brigade, Army Air Corps, was airdropped into Malton in order to reinforce a battalion which was supposed to be holding a series of buildings against the dead. After she cut herself loose from her parachute, she was brought down by a small pack of the undead, and killed.

Upon standing up, it did not take long for a scientist to revive her, as she milled around aimlessly on the street.

When she came to, she was bewildered, but remembered her mission, and located the buildings she and her unit were to be providing support to. No battalion was there, and she was soon killed by the dead again, still confused as to the state of Malton. She then entered a long cycle of dying and getting revived, dying, getting shot in the head, getting revived and dying.

Eventually, she managed to stay alive long enough to get a grasp on the situation, but her mind was irreparably addled. She began to wander the city, killing both living and dead as she saw fit, driven by uncontrollable urges and conflicting emotions. She is cautious, obsessed with having as much supplies which may turn out to be necessary in the long run, and is paranoid about other people.

Eventually, she came upon a group of females, killing in the name of a mother. This appealed to her demented mind, as she needed the comforting love of a mother. She now wanders, spreading the Mothers' love through the end of a gun, happy that someone cares for her. She is not especially attractive, as the amount of lead pumped into her body by trigger-happy humans has caused large bumps to appear on her scalp, shoulders, back, right cheek, and various body parts not available to the public.

This group of women did not last, however, as communication broke down, cellphone minutes expired, and messengers refused to act as couriers for the femme fatales(due to their habits of shooting the messengers), the group fell apart. Naming herself after a hospital she once woke up in, St Perpetua's, which went nicely with what others had called her - Perpetually Dead - she wandered the city, killing those whom she perceived as threatening other murderous persons, and killing everything which spoke of Authority. She spent several months seeking Revenge against the Orders which sent her to Malton, and into this dysfunctional state.

Despite her new affiliation with a group of similar-minded Revenge-seeking individuals, she never took off her bloodstained purple blouse, the only uniform that the women of Cybele's Slayers had, a reminder of the Mother-figure she would kill to have.

Months later, having left the vengeful company behind, she worked for whomever asked her to do something, but she enjoyed acting as a fashion consultant, secure in the knowledge that "Ugly is the New Black", and that "Beauty is Soo Last Year". She fixed the faces of those who were behind in style, and worked as a combat consultant on the side.

After a time, Perpetua gave in to her constant deaths, and, as she wandered the swampy parts of Malton, rotting away, she found herself amongst a small, efficient, and very nasty horde of zombies. The Rot From The Moors devoured GR!GGZ, as well as the surrounding suburbs, but Perpetua got lost while following the Mall Tour, and found herself in a land filled with ruined buildings, a dead mall, and a lot of nasty Harman Zambahz who insisted upon grabbing her and biting her for no reason at all. Worse, these zambahz could not speak any zambargh, and instead slurred their speech...zrr rnh hrn. Unacceptable.

Saint Perpetua now serves as the strict linguistics teacher for the entire suburb, instructing these uneducated brazzahrz an z!zzarhz through patience, repetition, and GRABB!NG. In addition to these new public services, she still works as an Avant Garde Cosmetics Manager, while dabbling in hobbies she has developed a 'taste' for: card games and red-light districts.


Apparently, people have taken notice of dear St. Perpetua. And not only that, they've posted her deeds and misdeeds on this very wiki!

Misfortune always follows Perpetua when she asks Bounty Hunters to dinner... - Thanks to Cal Marchman for the addition to that page!

What a shocker! - Reported to an unsympathetic audience by Thunderfist. His character ThunderThumbs tried to kill St. Perpetua twice in Pitneybank, to no success, during one of the Saints' long sleeps. When she woke up and discovered both attempts, she found ThunderThumbs in the Mall and finished him like he'd failed to finish her. Thanks, ThunderThumbs, for making me FayMuss!

She's had the honor of being the subject of a very long, wonderful, and beautifully written diary entry from WolfWhoSings, one of the little Saint's clients. Such wonderful work was done on Wolfie too...
I hope she and Ralph like the changes. Oh! Perpetua's so pleased with how this one turned out. She does love a happy ending!
Thanks, Wolfie! You've made this Saint's day! Week! Month!

And of course, her Rogues Gallery listing. She's very upset about not being able to acheive that pretty red KOS status. It just looks so...preeeetty...