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Skull1.jpg Martin Arrowsmith ,
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Dr. Martin Arrowsmith
Group: D.I.T.P.S
Attending Physician
St. Anacletus's Hospital
Who is Dr. Arrowsmith?
Dr. Martin Arrowsmith was once a respected neural immunologist of the McGurk institute. Originally, he was contracted to Necrotech for research in a vaccine during the earliest outbreaks. Although Martin has become very familiar with the specifics of the virus, he was bitten and infected by an enraged zombie subject while testing reactions to a certain enzyme.

The zombie had, in fact, been another employee of Necrotech who became infected. Since there was no cure yet, Martin kept the incident discreet. He did not say goodbye; he merely walked calmly to the elevator and out the front door-- without notifying Necrotech Corporate. He knew he'd become a test subject if his infection was known. He assembled and mailed all his research to his most trusted colleague, then ran away to the darkest corners of Malton to do his best to fight the infection. With some of his enzymatic research, Martin discovered how to slow down his inevitable transformation, but could not stop it. It wasn't long before he drifted into that grey nightmare.

Those grey times are now only flashes of horrifying pictures in his mind. One day, he awoke in Dulston's Anne General Hospital, fully human once again. Someone had found a cure! Not everything was sunny again; ever since, he's had a guilty conscience over the horrifying scenes in his head which he didn't have control over, and can't fully remember. While many survivors retain full control and memory across zombie and human forms, Arrowsmith believes his inhibitor serum, which slowed his infection, also caused an abnormal reaction in the zombie brain--suppressing neural activity (such as memory) and catalyzing extreme, violent emotional responses. In other words, his zombie self had a bad case of amnesia and the desire to make everything that moved suffer. Now a member of DITPS, Martin is working to undo all the grief caused by the zombie affliction--including that which he caused, himself.

Martin's Other Works
Martin Arrowsmith is a man of many words. He has written a few books, mainly fiction, but he is noteworthy for his biography of Vicar Ilia Sparovich, a close friend from Pennville. He frequents the Featherstone Library, reading anything he can get his hands on. He has also published his own rebuttal to the DITPS "official" historical archive.

Recently, Arrowsmith was given the chief-of-staff position of St. Anacletus's Hospital in Dulston. So far, no problems have arisen other than a slight coup with Deathwire, who declared revolution. However, things are back to the way they were.

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