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Did you knock your head and forget a language? {{User:DanceDanceRevolution/sig5}} 11:59, 27 January 2020 (UTC)
: kind of. I went to France twice last year (Normandy, and Paris), and realised that the few things i knew of french was mostly useless/insufficient for me to hold even a basic form of conversation. So i decided it was best for me to stop claiming i can, when in reality i can't. --<small>[[User:Hagnat|hagnat]]</small> 12:08, 27 January 2020 (UTC) <small>(i did bump my head in a ceiling at Mount St Michel, though)</small>
::Sacrebleu! <small>-- [[User:Boxy|boxy]] 08:16, 3 February 2020 (BST)</small>
:::Je suis desole! --[[User:Rosslessness|<span style="color: MidnightBlue ">R</span><span style="color: Navy">o</span><span style="color: DarkBlue">s</span><span style="color: MediumBlue">s</span><span style="color: RoyalBlue"></span>]][[User_Talk:Rosslessness|<span style="color: RoyalBlue">l</span><span style="color: CornflowerBlue">e</span><span style="color: SkyBlue">s</span><span style="color: LightskyBlue">s</span>]][[User_Talk:Rosslessness/Quiz|<span style="color: LightBlue">n</span><span style="color: PowderBlue">e</span>]][[Monroeville Many|<span style="color: PaleTurquoise">s</span>]][[The Great Suburb Group Massacre|<span style="color: PaleTurquoise">s</span>]]<sup>[[Location Page Building Toolkit|<span style="color: DarkRed">Want a Location Image?]] </span> </sup>  14:02, 3 February 2020 (UTC)

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