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Broadcasting from the Hazeldine Museum in Penny Heights, this radio station is all about the love for Tony. Of course, there may also be more educational announcements from time to time, relating to the Impressionist Movement. The transmission equipment is located in the basement of the museum, which also connects to the Shickell Drive Railway Station.



WTNY was originally founded by the benefactor of the Hazeldine Museum in 1908. At the time, it was the most popular radio station for learning about Impressionism and for hearing interviews with popular Impressionists, such as Renoir and Monet. Many local artists were also featured, thus making WTNY the quintessential hub for Impressionist Radio in all of Malton. In 1929, when the stock market crashed, the radio station fell on hard times and found it difficult to continue operation. It limped along during the early 1930s until it started to broadcast news reports of the war in Europe. Listeners began to tune in, hoping for the latest news on the Nazi advance.

The station continued to be a wartime hub up until the conclusion of World War II, when it began to discuss Impressionism once more. It enjoyed a regular following, but once again WTNY waned in popularity. It continued to operate with limited notoriety up until the first outbreak of zombie infected humans.


Unsurpisingly, WTNY had limited interest in reporting on the various and often unsubstantiated claims of the dead rising across Malton. Ratings continued to decline, however, as other stations picked up the sensationalist stories, and eventually the plug was pulled when a live broadcast was interrupted by a roaming pack of feral zombies. The station and the museum remained empty of human life for more than a year.

Eventually, a crazed survivor, driven to madness by the death around him, stumbled into the broken down museum and discovered the remains of the makeshift radio station. Having been a repairman before the outbreak, he rebuilt the transmitter and began to broadcast self-promoting pieces that he called, "Tony Tracks." The Tony Tracks picked up quite a following as listeners enjoyed hearing the semi-comprehensible rants of the survivor known as Tony. Surprisingly, Tony began to broadcast various critiques of the Impressionist works found throughout the museum, often citing the lack of himself in the art as a criticism.

Unfortunately for Tony, he belittled a piece loved by a fellow survivor, and was hunted down for it. The slaying was also heard live by his listeners, and is noted for being his most interesting broadcast. The station would lay dormant for another year.


Some of the more dedicated listeners of the Tony Tracks eventually found the station in the basement of the museum and powered it on with their portable generator. They have decided to continue to broadcasting of non-sense rants in honor of their favorite DJ, but have also decided that the town of Malton needs to learn more about Impressionism. Current DJ, Bill Wolf, can be heard broadcasting from 8am - 5pm EST, often citing his love for Tony as his reason for being alive and well.


Despite not being a true radio station facility, WTNY was able to reach most of Malton due to the quality of the equipment that was installed. It was one of the most popular stations in Malton from 1908-1929, often topping the 50+ demographic. At its lowest point, it has been ranked just above the Communist Station in Malton, Radio Lenin. After the zombie outbreak it has been difficult to gather accurate statistics on listeners, but a whiteboard inside the transmission room regularly ranks WTNY at the top.

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