Alliance of Freedom Fighters

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Alliance of Freedom Fighters
Alliance Crest.jpg
Abbreviation: AFF
Group Numbers: 2, but looking for more
Leadership: User:Anarchist115, Pieman115 in-game
Goals: Unite all of Malton's groups and set safezones throughout Malton.
Recruitment Policy: Comment on our page, or join our discord seen at and contact "Dominus Regum"
Contact: See above

Alliance of Freedom Fighters General

The Malton Alliance of Freedom Fighters is a group made for uniting all of the Living in Malton to the cause of Zombie eradication, and the destabilization of the Zombie groups in Malton, causing a free and united Malton to exist. All are welcome to join us in our quest.

Survivors Recruitment Policy

"I'm a lone survivor, and I want to become an ambassador/peacemaker, how do I do this?"

Well ol' chap, you're in luck! the AFF is always recruiting willing soldiers to keep embassies safe and smart ambassadors to meet with the other groups and help unite Malton under the AFF banner... Just follow these simple steps

Steps to becoming a member

1: comment on the discussion part of this page, and we will review you soon.

2: wait for instructions

3: kaboom! you're in! congrats, you are fighting for a better Malton.