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When attacking in Urban Dead, you select both the target to attack and the method of attack. Selecting the target uses Target Codes while the attack itself uses an Attack Code. These codes can be used to directly attack though URLs with where y is the Target Code and z is the Attack Code. Note that these codes can be seen in the HTML source of the Urban Dead map.cgi pages where applicable.

Order of Attacks

The attacks in the Attacks listbox are ordered in a set way for both survivors and zombies:

Zombie Order:

  • Hands
  • Teeth or Headbutt (depending on if the zombie is wearing a mask)
  • Melee Weapons (in Item Code order)
  • Feeding Drag

Survivor Order:

  • Punch
  • Knife
  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Flare Guns
  • Melee Weapons (except for knives, in Item Code order)

Attack Codes

In the source HTML, Target Codes are enclosed in either inverted commas (") or apostrophes (').

Code Attack Name Attack
maul hands Zombie Claws
teeth teeth Zombie Bite
headbutt headbutt Zombie Headbutt
drag feeding drag Zombie Feeding Drag
punch punch Survivor Punch
pistol pistol Pistol
shotgun shotgun Shotgun
flare flare Flare Gun as a weapon
knife knife Knife
crowbar crowbar Crowbar
bat baseball bat Baseball Bat
axe fire axe Fire Axe
pipe metal pipe Metal Pipe
cue pool cue Pool Cue
cbat cricket bat Cricket Bat
foil fencing foil Fencing Foil
ski ski pole Ski Pole
racket tennis racket Tennis Racket
hockey hockey stick Hockey Stick
golf golf club Golf Club
fuel fuel can Fuel Can as a weapon
toolbox toolbox Toolbox as a weapon