Blood Frenzy Death Cult

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Blood Frenzy Death Cult
Abbreviation: BFDC
Group Numbers: 22, plus assorted stragglers
Leadership: The persistent, nagging disembodied voice of Igaki-zotllh.
Goals: Razing the Nichols Mall and restoring the Sanctum of Igaki-zotllh using as much violence and flesh eating as possible
Recruitment Policy: Gather and destroy.
Contact: Show up with an appetite for blood.

What is the Blood Frenzy Death Cult?

We're a proactive group of the metabolically different (i.e., zombies) dedicated to taking back the land now known as the Nichols Mall in an orgy of brain eating and gore and restoring the Sanctum of Igaki-zotllh.

I'll bite. What's the Sanctum of Igaki-zotllh?

The Sanctum of Igaki-zotllh was a dark temple that hosted eldritch rites that involved a lot of brain eating and gore. Unfortunately it was torn down in 1982 after some unpleasantness with the Malton Chamber of Commerce. So, the stars are right again and Igaki-zotllh is pissed. That's probably why you're a zombie.

That's horrible! What can I do?

Gather outside of the Nichols Mall with an easy-to-read protest sign. If you are currently unable to write due to advanced deadness, feel free to tear down the mall with your ragged claws and feast on the occupants in an orgy of brain eating and gore.


Now's good.

Wait, who's Igaki-zotllh, anyway?

Igaki-zotllh, defiler of Yabot, warlord of Nyotelokith, slayer of Lhat-bogurs, the thousand-tentacled devourer, blood-spawn of N'Kat, member of the Bush administration, swallower of Sh'nok'thogg, dropper of bass, dark cloud of skinless masses, towering shape of horror... well, you'll know when he's eating you.

I'm a human. How can I help?

Just stand outside of the Nichols Mall without a helmet.

Thank you for helping bring about the next Reign of Igaki-zotllh!

The View From Outside

'Man those are some messed up zeds. Act like they're a religious movement or something, crazy. But hey, just stay clear of the mall and you should be ok.'