Burfield Park

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A very large and mysterious park. It's a favorite meditation spot for Kyrygvald when the zombie counts in the area are low. BurfieldPark.JPG

Burfield Park

Danversbank [77,93]

Phipps Square Percival Street Fire Station the Dimon Monument
Budmead Way Burfield Park Kilingback Cinema
Strawbridge Grove wasteland a junkyard

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

It's home to the prehistoric creature only known as Chupa. This squirmy beast is about 6 feet in diameter and weighs in at about 400 lbs. and moves by hopping around or supporting itself with it's arms and walking. It's gigantic testicles, which are thankfully not shown here, are used as a deterrent for people trespassing in it's home area. It has been known to enjoy teabagging dead bodies at night when it finds them so if you die here, expect an unpleasant taste in your mouth when you stand up! It worked very well against those that liked to sleep in this park before the outbreaks. He is not to be confused with ComieDozen, as he also enjoys this pastime. Chupa is also apparently invulnerable to the virus that has taken this city into the current conflict. Necrotech personnel have tried to get DNA scans of the beast to find out why, but none have returned alive. Their corpses were... brutally teabagged and apparently all suffocated to death.

CHUPA (choo-pa)