Cemetery 43,6

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a cemetery

East Boundwood [43,6]

St. Jude's Hospital a warehouse Colsworthy Street
St. Anthony's Church a cemetery the Digby Building
the Lynn Monument Donovan Square Dawes Walk

Basic Info:

Cemetery 43,6.jpg


This local Revive Point is currently maintained by the Challenger Crescent Police Department in conjunction with the monks of [[St. Anthony's Church [42,06]] and Sheppard NecroTech Building [48,07], East Boundwood, five blocks to the south-east.

Barricade Policy

It is not possible to barricade cemeteries.

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This cemetery is the quickest revive in the suburb.

Current Status

This location is three blocks north of the Bale Mall, which is maintained in part by the CCPD. Contact them at the CCPD forum [1].

Please see the East Boundwood Building Information Center.


Founded in 1820, this lovely old cemetery had been in continual use until the Outbreak began.