Cemetery 73,67

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a cemetery

Crowbank [73,67]

St. Piran's Church Reay Park Club Ainslie
Hely Avenue a cemetery Manaton Way
MacLaverty Road Gayler Library St. Birinus's Church

Basic Info:

A Tater Red revive point


Crowbank's only cemetery also serves as the local revive point. There are two churches adjacent to the cemetery; St. Piran's Church located one block northwest, and St. Birinus's Church located one block southeast. Two blocks north is the Spragge Building, the Necrotech facility used to maintain the revive point. In addition, two other Crowbank Necrotech facilities are located within four blocks of the cemetery.

This revive point is endorsed by the Tater Red Krewe. Free mojo with every revive.

After your revive head to St. Piran's Church 72,66 to heal that infection. The local MASH unit will patch you up.

Revive Point Statistics

Revive Point Statistics for a cemetery [73,67]
Suburb Crowbank
Coordinates [73, 67]
Status Active
Maintained by The Spragge Building Survivors
Waiting 1 zombies (view requests)
Dead bodies 10 bodies
Total known revives revives
Last updated 00:30, 18 August 2010 (BST)
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