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"Beware, Chi Vai Master, lest through carelessness and inattention you loose on the world a monster... "

- Unknown Chi Vai Master

Chi Vai, chee-vay (noun), the golden fruit of the Chi Vai Hunters. Chi Vai Masters have spent an eternity trying to describe its mysterious nature to no avail. The best explanation so far is "you'll know one when you see one."

No one can say when Chi Vais came to be, many Hunters suspect it even predates humanity itself. The intensity and power it exudes upon excavations are a testament to their arcane nature.

As a major rule, Chi Vai Hunters never divulge to non-members what a Chi Vai is. Its sacred nature, sheer rarity and subtle yet compellingly complex mystery and truth have often sent many unprepared souls into madness, frustration and fits of deep insanity.