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Museum Pieces

As of March 6th, players started to find decorative items in museums. Placing them inside buildings will add them to the description of the interior. Zombies can smash the decorations when no survivors are present, earning 1 XP each. Zombies are still able to ransack a building even with decorations present.

There is a limit to the number of decorations that can go in at least some of the buildings. This limit appears to be 13 items. Players attempting to add additional items are prohibited from doing so.

There are lists of museums by suburbs and by types and plain
For all museum pieces except Skulls Encumbrance: 20%


Locations: African Glassware Museum
  1. Antique mirror
  2. Blown-glass sculpture
  3. Glass bowl
  4. Glass globe
  5. Glass statue
  6. Glass table
  7. Glass vase


Locations: Painting Museum
  1. Abstract painting
  2. African painting
  3. Conceptual painting
  4. Contemporary painting
  5. Cubist painting
  6. European painting
  7. Fire-damaged painting
  8. Torn painting

Note: fire-damaged and torn paintings may be found in any Paintings museums, but other - in accordingly specialized Paintings museums


Locations: Pottery Museum
  1. Clay figurine
  2. Cremation urn
  3. Earthenware vase
  4. Grecian urn
  5. Ming vase
  6. Terracotta statue
  7. Terracotta vase


250px-Makonde elephant.jpg
Locations: Sculpture Museum
  1. African sculpture
  2. Conceptual sculpture
  3. Cracked sculpture
  4. Cubist sculpture
  5. European sculpture
  6. Headless statue
  7. Impressionist sculpture


  • cracked and headless statue sculpture may be found in any Sculpture museums, but other - in accordingly specialised Sculpture museums
  • although blown-glass sculptures are sculptures they may be found only in African glassware museums


Locations: Skeleton Museum
  1. Bird Skeleton
  2. Fish Skeleton
  3. Human Skeleton
  4. Lizard Skeleton
  5. Monkey Skeleton
  6. Skull

Note: Unlike other museum pieces, Skulls take 6% Encumbrance

Stuffed animals

Locations: Stuffed Animal Museum
  1. Stuffed alligator
  2. Stuffed bear
  3. Stuffed crocodile (See also: Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile)
  4. Stuffed eagle
  5. Stuffed fish
  6. Stuffed lion head
  7. Stuffed monkey
  8. Stuffed moose head
  9. Stuffed tiger head


Locations: Tapestry Museum
  1. Dark tapestry
  2. Faded tapestry
  3. French tapestry
  4. Greek tapestry
  5. Historical tapestry
  6. Medieval tapestry
  7. Mouldering tapestry
  8. Print of a tapestry
  9. Torn tapestry


Locations: Parks
Encumbrance: 20%

Pumpkins were added to the game on 31st October 2009. They can be found by searching in parks. Placing them inside buildings will add them to the description of the interior. Zombies can destroy pumpkins when no survivors are present. Zombies are still able to ransack a building even with a pumpkin present.

Differences between pumpkins and museum pieces:

  • Pumpkins can be installed on the outside of a building as well as the inside.
  • A knife is required to carve a pumpkin before installing it.
  • Pumpkins can also be used as melee weapons (10% accuracy, 2 damage.)

Christmas Decorations

Season Decorations added Decorations removed
2006-2007 December 18th January 12th
2007-2008 December 10th February 23rd
2008-2009 December 17th unknown
2009-2010 December 22nd January 21st
2010-2011 December 22nd January 21st
2012-2013 November 4th unknown
Christmas Decorations are added to the game in winter.

Unlike museum pieces, Christmas decorations can be attacked and destroyed by players - players interact with them as with other in-building objects like generators or radio transmitters.

Christmas Lights

Locations: Mall hardware stores
Encumbrance: 2%
All 3 colors as seen from outside
All 3 colors as seen from outside
Christmas lights are found in mall hardware stores, and are available in red, green and white. They can be set up for 1 AP, and if a generator was present and the lights green, the sentence Green Christmas lights decorate the room. is added to the room description. If there is no generator present, then the message is Christmas lights decorate the room, but the building has no power. If you try to add more lights of the same colour, you get the message "There are already enough lights of that colour, here." This costs 1 AP.

If there was a tree set up in the same location, the lights are wrapped around the tree, with the message given: "You drape the lights over the tree and plug them in.", and adding to the description of the tree, for example: "A recently-cut fir tree has been propped up in a crude stand, decorated with red and white lights."

Also, if one was outside the powered building with Christmas lights, you would see the following description: "Lights are on inside, and [colour of lights] Christmas lights edge the windows".

The lights can be attacked and destroyed. Attacking results in the text "You smash at the lights. A bulb pops." or "You smash at the lights, destroying them".

If you try to use a set of lights outside, 1 AP is wasted and the message is given: "There's nothing to plug them into, out here."

In December 2008, the lights on buildings became visible on the minimap.


Locations: Mall hardware stores
Encumbrance: 20%

Tinsel was not added until 2009. It can be used as an ineffective but novel weapon. When attacking with it, the flavor text is You garotte <name> with the tinsel for 1 damage. When you witness someone else using it, the message is <name> strangled <name> with a length of tinsel.

Christmas Tree

There are 2 types of Christmas trees: dead fir trees from parks and plastic ones from malls.

A tree can be used inside buildings, and gives the following message: You set the tree up in a prominent position, propping it up with barricade debris. This costs 1 AP, and removes the tree from your inventory.

Players cannot have 2 trees in their inventory. Try to add another results in a message like You find a small fir tree, but are already carrying one.

If a dead fir tree or fake Christmas tree has already been set up in the block it also takes 1 AP and gives the message 'There is already a tree here.'

If there are Christmas lights set up in the same location, they will be added to the tree.

When you attack the tree, the flavor text reads "You smash at the tree, snapping a branch off." or "You smash at the tree. It collapses."

If you attempt to set one up outdoors it takes 1 AP and gives the message "You should set it up indoors."

As of the May 28, 2008 updates, the Christmas Tree is useable as a weapon. It has a base hit percentage of 10% (25% with the hand to hand combat skill) and it does 2 damage.

Attempting to revive a tree with a syringe results in the message "Revivification only works on the walking dead.", and wastes 1 AP.

Dead Fir Tree

Locations: Parks
Encumbrance: 20%

A dead fir tree can be found searching in a park, giving the following description: You find a small fir tree, and fell it with your fire axe. (This adds the item dead fir tree to the inventory)

You can not get one without the fire axe, giving the message You find a small fir tree, but have no way to cut it down..

Setting up a fir tree as decoration in a barricaded building gives a message You set the tree up in a prominent position, propping it up with barricade debris.

Unlike plastic, real trees decay with time. While first set up they provide a message A recently-cut fir tree has been propped up in a crude stand. to the location description, but later it turns to A long dead fir tree has been propped up in a crude stand. Trying to use a first aid kit on a fir tree gives the message That doesn't seem to work., and doesn't consume the FAK.

Plastic Christmas Tree

Locations: Mall hardware stores
Encumbrance: 20%

The Plastic Christmas Tree are an item findable in Mall Hardware stores. Using one sets it up as a decoration, removing it from your inventory, giving you the message "You assemble the plastic tree.", and adding "A plastic Christmas tree has been set up here." to the building description.

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