Curle Street Police Department

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Current Status


Curle Street Police Department
Mallrat The Spanish Inquisition TSI The Kilt Store TKS Clubbed to Death CTD 06:43, 11 January 2023 (UTC)
An image of Curle PD taken during the Third Siege of Caiger Mall; DHPD Officers are visible attempting to hold off a group of zombies that were storming both the police department and the Oxley Building.


A large supply of shotguns and pistols can be found, as no self-respecting Curle St. PD officer would go without a hippie-smashing weapon and the ammo to go with it. Flak jackets also sit in the many supply cupboards. Extremely Heavily Barricading is the norm, though the levels do change a great deal. Sleeping the night is generally not advised, but again situations change. The Curle Street Police Department is a part of the old Justice Inc complex, now overseen by the DHPD. See Uppill Precinct for more information.

Curle Street Police Department

West Becktown [14,32]

Ross Avenue School Chorley Drive the Oxley Building
Ker Way Curle Street Police Department Pullin Square
Goldsworthy Avenue Uppill Library
Creese Way

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.


There are few twin police stations in Malton. Curle Street PD is the older brother to Piegsa Place Police Department. The stations were opened within 24 hours of each other. Curle St has the distinction of being one of the hardest and toughest cop shops in the area. Made of solid meter thick stone blocks, the station's holding cells are many and each one is cold and damp, most being underground in the basement. While Piegsa specialized in technology and surveillance, Curle was reserved for good old fashioned police work. Your general staff and officers spent their days behind desks and their beats were circuits feared by the criminal community. The police officers of the cop shop came under fire in 1968 with the somewhat severe treatment given to the flower children of the era. Accusations of unwarranted force compounded the criticism served to Curle St police who had used significant violence against pacifist objectors during the Vietnam war. Eventually though, media attention was diverted to other, fresher stories and the public continued to enjoy the safety such tough cops provided.

When Z Day hit, Curle became flooded with civilians and government workers alike, flocking to the safety the station's identity had become synonymous with. Unfortunately, zombies who had vague recollections of their lives also shambled in heavy numbers and the station fell under the pressure of numbers from within and without. Recently, the station was a heavy target for zeds and also a fortress for survivors. The many battles scarred the rough, squat building. For the first year or so after Z day, Curle was part of the Justice Inc Complex.

Currently the Curle Street Police Department is pledged to be maintained by DHPD to remove the precinct of zombies for survivor habitation as part of the Uppill Police Precinct which also includes the Piegsa Place PD; The police station continues to trade hands, between being survivor held and zombie ransacked on a constant basis.