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Dead 13
Dead 133.jpg
Abbreviation: D13
Group Numbers: 13
Leadership: Dead I Am Man
Goals: Dead
Recruitment Policy:
Contact: We are Dead. We Are 13.

This was the Dead 6. Now we are 13. Dead 13.

Recruitment Policy

Even if we are 13, we are recruiting. Go to our forum and ask to be recruited.

We are sometimes communicating trough MSN messenger. Please be ready to communicate by this way if you want to join.

Latest News And Info!

For some reason, many low level zombies, which are probably frustrated by not being able to kill Harman's, just rush other zombies. This is now happening at an alarming stage. Too Much Dead

The beginning 13 members

IF you come across Us, R U N!

Dead I am Man

To Dead I Am

Idealy Dead

Dead I Am Too

Too Much Dead

Dead Now Rest Later

Disgusting Dead

Misha Is Dead

Szechnicaly Dead

More Dead

Gratefull Dead

Your Mom's Dead

Sasha Is Dead

You Have been WARNED.

History of the DEAD 13.

After long thoughts, the members of the former DEAD 6 gave up on the idea of having an effective spread of the DEAD philosophies. They leaved their former characters, rising now directly from the dead, as 13 Dead. This new group is now called Dead 13.

In the beginning, the leveling suburb was the Mockridge Heights, being made unsafe by the Dead 13 for months.

After the beginning playing it has became clear that 13 zombies aren't enough to be fully effective, so recruitment had begun.

The Dead Philosophy

The members of this group believe in a Dead philosophy, that is a different view on death than most zombies and zombie groups have. Most zombies just want every harman to die. The Dead philosophy [is to be edited]...