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We're standing Beck to Beck!
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In July of 2016, the recently formed East Becktown Defenders made it onto the official group ranking board.
While only being formed in May of the same year, this certainly was a cause to celebrate for the young force-to-be-reckoned-with, and celebrate we did...


  • East Becktown Defenders
    • Staubach
    • Benjamin Moore
    • Johnny Threefingers
    • AssassinT90
    • Simcoe
    • DrSmartz
    • Lee Liu
    • Kaiden Inshabel
    • John Dorian MD
    • PiroManiack
  • Knights Templar
    • Duncan Thaw
    • mcnuckles
  • DHPD
    • Ahmad Bradshaw
    • MageShooter
  • Soldiers of Crossman
    • Frank Burn
    • warnie685
    • DamhJump
    • Orison Flynt
    • Colonel Autumn
    • De Bruyn
    • Sattano
  • Other
    • Distran
    • ThagaSas
    • cocoto
    • Sgt Rob

The Invitation

On July 3rd, 2016, the East Becktown Defenders made it onto the group statistics page for the first time since they were founded two months earlier. The group rejoiced and went about their business, but Johnny Threefingers and Benjamin Moore had received, in secret, permission from Staubach, who started the whole mess, to give a party. They promised to keep it civilized and promptly sent out the invitation found below.

The official invitation

You are hereby cordially invited to an enjoyable gathering and general booze fest (part time orgy) in The Powe Arms for the glorious occasion of the appearance of our most glorious of groups on the venerated stat page.

This event will take place this Thursday and all are welcome!

(unless you're dead, then please stay dead and wait outside for someone to come out and make you deader)

We have several fun activities planned:

  • pin the syringe on the zombie
  • Russian Roulette
  • Shotgun Roulette
  • Malton-themed Karaoke
  • Zombie Pinata

...and much more!

Free alcohol will be dispensed at high velocities by local bartender Johnny Threefingers, safer consumptions can be found among the wreckage of the pooltable. (Which reminds me, Benjamin, you still owe me a pooltable!)

Dress code:

Please be decent and don't have any blood on your clothes. It may be considered a sign of zombiism as people get drunker. Pants optional.


Start: 00.01 AM (GMT), try and be inside before then so you won't miss out on the fun! End: When everyone has passed out at least once.


For the duration of the event, the Powe Arms will be kept at EHB. If you see the barricade levels drop below that, feel free to bring them back up. Once inside, please keep all party-related chat ingame, it adds to the atmosphere. (Security issues can always be adressed here, of course.)

The designated RP for this event will be Nicholls Square (1SE of the venue). Please make sure you have all EBD members in your contact list and bring several syringes and/or FAKs.
The entry point for this event will be Billett Row School (1S of the venue), which will be kept at VSB or below.

Use the DEM tool and the Revive/FAK thread on the forum for quick revives.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

The Party

After some internal debate whether or not Benjamin owed Johnny a pool table, the preparations could begin in earnest (however, "Fix my pool table!" would be Johnny's catch phrase for the rest of the event.) Since there has been a critical lack of balloons in Malton for the past decade, the pair of party preppers decorated the Powe Arms with inflated zombie intestines and some local art work. They visited the Barlow Museum to pick up some tapestries, the Smail Museum provided some European paintings and a quick visit to the Darley Museum rewarded their efforts with some cubist art.

Several Soldiers of Crossman arrived early, as well as a DHPD-member, since all were anxious to get the party started. At this point in time, the pool table was still in shambles.

By 9.00 PM GMT on July 6th, members of the Knights Templar, CORAM and of course the East Becktown Defenders had also filled up the bar, a generator had been installed, the decorations were up and the first few beers were being handed around. At 9.47 PM GMT, EBD Founder Staubach delivered the following speech as the official start of the festivities:

Friends, Knights, Cops, Soldiers and other assorted vagabonds! You join us here in this splendid old pub to celebrate the EBD's astonishing rise from complete obscurity to the dizzy heights of the UD Stats Page!

Thanks to all who made the long trip through the dangerous streets of Malton to our beautiful little suburb. My colleagues and I will see to it that you are royally treated during an evening that will no doubt live on in all our memories for a long time!

And without any further ado I shall now hand you over to your only slightly inebriated Master of Ceremonies, Mr Johnny Threefingers, Pantymaster...sorry, Partymaster Extraordinaire! Over to you Johnny!

Piromaniack demonstrated a great sense of timing by lighting several flares a couple blocks over only moments after Staubach finished his speech.

Johnny then proceeded to start off the first event: the very first Malton Fashion Show. It promised to become a memorable event, if not for the fashion show, then at least because nearly all those attending wore clean clothes, a rarity in modern day Malton. Memorable participants were Johnny himself, who started the show in the iconic Caiger shirt and sporting the classic pantsless look, Duncan Thaw of the Knights Templar who went against all the rules in an entirely blood drenched outfit and Kaiden Inshabel, who came in a daring display of Philosophe Chic.

Next up was a round of fire axe roulette, which quickly devolved in wild axe swings all around as people become increasingly more drunk.

Benjamin Moore then took to the stage and brought a unique Maltonesque version of "We Will Rock You" by Queen, an example followed by many an attendee later in the evening.

The Knights Templar then demonstrated what perfect gentlemen they truly are, as mcnuckles handed over two beautiful tapestries as gifts to commemorate the occasion. Staubach accepted them and thanked them in the most courteous fashion he could muster, as he was overcome with emotions by the gesture of his allies. Meanwhile, in a corner of the bar, Johnny and Duncan were fraternizing over a bottle of bourbon in their own gesture of friendship, albeit in a less dignified fashion.

A little later, Johnny took to the stage and brought a Maltonesque version of "New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra, an admirable feat considering Duncan's bottle of bourbon was empty.

After a rather horrible stand-up performance by mcnuckles, Staubach took to the stage and did what all had hoped for, yet none had expected to happen: he sang. His "Zed Shack", based on a B-52's classic was received with grand applause and cries for more.

On July 9, 2016, after three days of fun, drinking, speeches, gifts and singing, the party was declared over.



EBD Stat Party 2016

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