East Becktown Defunders

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The East Becktown Defunders have picked up where the Defenders gave up.
Having abandoned their burb, East Becktown has transformed into a
Zombie Autonomous Zone
Thanks to everyone for keeping the burb dead.

Signing on
The East Becktown Defunders {2021 - Forever}

We've Got Your Ruin!

The East Becktown Defunders are a confederacy of Zombies who strive to maintain a strong dead presence in East Becktown. While our priority is to keep Tactical Resource Points ruined and occupied, we can often be found antagonizing locals in the area (mainly remnants of the defunct East Becktown Defenders), having deep conversations with the less-than-alive Soldiers of Crossmen, or making the occasional field trip to Caiger Mall.

If you want to join the party, head to East Becktown, and join in the endless raids north into Darvall Heights.

East Becktown Defenders
Once you go Beck, you never go back!
Founded: May 2016
Group Numbers: 10+
Leadership: Benjamin Moore
Goals: To maintain the safehouses, TRP's and Revive Points of East Becktown.
Recruitment Policy: Open to all survivors. No PKers or Death Cultists.
Contact: Find us on Discord