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Every Villain is Lemons is a survivor group that started playing UD in the late of July 2010. It comprises of a group of IRL friends that have a history in groups the Beatbox Kids and the Allied Travellers Organisation.

Because of its casual nature for involved members, numbers can fluctuate from two to fifteen at any given time, but for the most part, the only permanent members are jim thirlwell and his mistress zo.

EVIL generally fits into the classification of a survivor group, though they generally just do what they want. It's more a group exploring UD as a whole than any certain side or roleplaying fantasy.

EVIL's roleplaying style involves food related jokes, characterisations and puns.

EVIL is a mixture of both oldschool players from 2006/2007, and entirely new players who are currently levelling up and learning the ropes.

EVIL is friendly and will engage in conversation with other groups, help out if asked and will engage in bonds with others if the responsibilities are within their capability. EVIL and its Lemons travel around together, maintaining certain areas, and all the while, understanding more about UD.

The name Every Villain Is Lemons is a reference to a villainous faction in Spongebob.