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no news.



zo and jim break up and zo idles out for now. jim continues to trek malton on a journey of discovery for a new true love!


zo gets eaten by a mysterious zombie but jim escapes to see all the survivors work for the past week demolished.

such is life!


jim and zo have been surviving in the heartland of the dead for a week now.

jim tells zo of the last time this happened, and how being amongst the dead is the only time the survivors feel truly alive.


zo apparently idles out just before caiger goes toppling to the ground. shame on you zozo! jim finds himself torn between nazi hunting and saving the survivors inside the mall. he chooses both and succeeds at none.


jim wakes up at the coram building to find both himself and zo the sole survivors of a large lime attack. the two were the last of 20+ survivors attacked, and remained unscratched. bless the lemon god!

unfortunately, while jim got away, zo's phone was on silent and didn't wake up in time, getting devoured. sourly.


jim and his mistress zo get back on their feet and decide to traverse malton to help the ebs back on its feet in light of the recent garlic attack.


we're back, baby.


the limes have ruthlessly destroyed evil's home time and time again. teary and emotionally drained, our dear lemons take a break during their irl holidays.


the lemons are rudely disrupted by the ugly green limes ruining their latest project of glory and mischievous retribution. With their suburb in quick tatters from the bb3, evil escapes the limes and works its way to a safer place.


jim and his lemons start stocking up for the highly anticipated project life will give them lemons. all eyes are on the ball, which is in the lemon's side of the field as we speak.


the lemons leave dibbings to plan and raid the 4th battle of blackmore, but alas, within 24 hours of attending the blackmore building, the place had been torn apart and over a hundred limes were pouring in to spread the place with green-skinned grossness.

after days of being in disarray and spread across all of malton, the lemons get their seeds together and start traversing the city to regroup. glorious victory against the limey hordes awaits, hopefully.


4 days of arguing pass between evil and dpso over who is the champion of the day. by the 19th, evil had declared they were leaving for pastures new- an exciting time for all.

however, while all of the lemons were testing out the new king-size mattress they found- the sfhnas crew snuck into the PD and murdered all of them- presumably all the bragging and littering evil had done all around williamsville had left the sfhnas crew rather unruly.

rather than stay in the battle like true warriors, the lemons, sick of the hostile treatment by dibbing's regulars, have decided to go and share drinks with some of malton's finest in the blackmore building. all for one, and lemons for all!


the struggle rages on, and tension mounts between the Lemons and dibbings plaza special operations, the group who are long time supporters of the pd and who feel somewhat threatened by the true heroes of the day doing so damn well and returning their home to its former unruined glory.

as the battle rages on, the face of our opponents becomes somewhat clear. No doubt disturbed by the bragging and partying inside dibbings, the noise abatement society are having their say on the matter, by scratching on the barricades and silencing the lemons every time they get a chance. poor Lachlon is the only Lemon to have died repeatedley- he must taste extra juicy compared to the rest of us, what's with that?


What an exciting 24 hours! After spending 2 hours bragging all over the suburb about our feat at the local Police Station, Nick was frantically reporting that zombies had broken down the barricades and killed half of the lemons inside the PD!! All spent from AP from getting the place fixed in the first place, the original PD liberators were asleep, and so the lazier half of EVIL sprang into action, with Zoe, Dane, and Guy killing the zombies, healing the infected, and cading the place back up. It was a frantic and worrying hour, but eventually the scratching stopped and the cades stayed a bit steadier.

The next day we woke to find not a pile of bodies next to us, but more survivors!! Jim's bragging had brought a slew of curious survivors to our aid, who more than willingly lit the place up and re-barricaded the place while the lemons were sleeping. Evil cheered as we had survived our hardest (though not so big) challenge yet!

RIP Props to Lachlon and Nick for being the two poor guys to fall during the terrifying break-in. We'll revive you soon, cuteys!


  • Joey said "well that ruled" (56 seconds ago)
  • Dane said "i thought that was going to be a challenge" (10 seconds ago)

today the lemons embarked on their first strike to reclaim the only pd in the suburb. the task was set, and the necessary items were gained- scouting was done and the skills we needed to do the job were barely gained within the deadline.

charging into dppd for honour and glory, evil were surprised to find that their scouting efforts the day before had misrepresented the scale of their task- an expected wall of six zombies had changed to a meagre two- so we tossed them out and sulkishly repaired and caded the pd up, thinking our challenge would be on a slightly more epic scale.

regardless, the small effort was a first for evil and a successful experiment for timely attendance and co-ordination. Jim was thrilled to see everyone come to help out, and now williamsville has its own source of ammunition again. hurrah!


Tre gets quote of the week for his update to us after running 3 suburbs away looking for a zombie to shoot. "im gonna star representin' in wyke hills" he said.

"uh oh, i represented too hard and used all my bullets"

giggles aside, the EVIL team that are getting ready to set up camp in Krinks for a bit after Zoe ran too far and found herself sleeping outside the behemoth station and needed help. Hopefully the communists are hospitable and appreciate a bit of small handed help.


Tre was set free into the wild today, as he left the PD and wandered to pastures new, and new zombies to kill. Focussing on "Operation Level Up Zoe", Jim and Dane sprung into action and got 2 zombies and a lowly street-treat down to 1HP each for Zoe but, alas, she was so bad every single last hit was taken by one sneaky zombie. Devastated, all returned to our local PD and Zoe took some chunks of Jim and Lachlon to scrape her way to level 2 for today.

Also in our PD of paradise is the notorious cornho1ioo account, presumably training up to be a nuisance one day, much like us. Good luck to him and his future endeavours.


Operation "Level Up Tre" has been a great success in the past week, the pro has hit level 6. Jim is also starting Operation "Level Up Zoe" since she got her computer fixed. Both of these operations are happening out of the local PD, EVIL members can come join for fun and co-ordinated XP tutorials.

Also: word around the campfire says the ATO's most incompetent, Dane, is making his way to the EVIL hangout. He was just seen lying outside the local PD, hopefully he is set to join us soon.