Flower Park

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Flower Park

Gatcombeton [26, 14]

Trebble Lane Don Cinema Woolacott Street
a carpark Flower Park a warehouse
a carpark St. Godric's Hospital Rankin Road

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Flower Park



In the early years of this park, it was the hotspot of activity. But as time went on, it faded into the backround of every day life. This spot was the marker of a mini 3 part war. Some time a go, a small, now defunct, survivalist group, The Protectorate, set up a temporary Revival point, and were just starting up when a PK group attacked. With the help of the zombies they were about to revive, they fended them off. But, during the end of the battle, some brain rotters and zombies who didn't want a revive attacked The Protectorate, starting up another mini war. But because The Protectorate had just fought a war, they were low on medkits, ammo, and AP, and decided to retreat. The zombies kept the land for a day, after which, The Protectorate came back, refreshed refuiled, and with reinforcements from the near by police station. Also tagging along with them was a band of very pissed revival-deprived zombies, who agreed to get their revives after the battle. What ensued was a large shootout between the two teams, the zombies attacked them first, their numbers now contained the members of the PK group, but they retreated in exchange for the promise of revives later. The Proctectorate won the battle and gave out the revives, then left the area before another battle ensued.

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