Fort Creedy Zombie Army

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Fort Creedy Zombie Army

Fighting to keep Fort Creedy free of survivors since 2008

Hello Urban Dead community,

I am Major John Striker, commander of the Fort Creedy Zombie Army. We are a zombie group that has been fighting for Fort Creedy since 2008. I started this group after my battle for control of the fort as a survivor in 2007-2008. I grew tired of the survivor way of fighting and holding the fort so I decided to explore the zombie way. During that time I found I liked it better and met many fellow zombies who shared the goal of taking the fort for zombies. Soon after we attracted a small group to siege the fort continuously and that’s how this group was formed.

We are a simple group that has a lose leadership policy and just follows the groans of zombies in the area for guidance. We don't use any way to communicate other than in game and through the wiki. We also don't force members to participate in a siege but instead encourage members to move on their own and cause hell though it is good to every so often get the group together and crack the fort open. With our history and policies explained if you wish to join, just add Fort Creedy Zombie Army to you group tag and cause some hell.


Major John Striker




We also realize that our image is from a Nazi Zombie movie and we do not support the ideas of the Nazi's and edit out their symbol. We just use the image since it works for the group.