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Clock.png Historical Group Sub-Page
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki pages are preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history. Please do not edit this page or the corresponding talk page without good reason.

This is our page for requesting/demanding revives. To use this brilliant resource, put your UD profile link (if you don't know about this, ask Lachryma), location (hopefully St. Theo's Church in Ridleybank), and sign your request (using ~~~~). Good luck!

I is dead, please help:

Put your request and info here. Dealt-with requests will be removed. (Don't forget to remove your own if you've already been taken care of beforehand!)

Notice: We have a new revive point inside St. Theodore's Church in Ridleybank. Shamble there, chop chop.

Tips, Hints

After getting revived, don't stand up just yet. Rest a while until you get enough AP to get you to a safehouse. Remember: it may take up to 15 AP to stand up. If you stand up immediately after, chances are you either don't have enough AP to keep moving after that, or you have too few AP to get yourself into a safehouse. Save up on AP and get yourself to safety!

ALSO! Don't just lay down and die. If you are dead, and just laying there, we can't revive you!

For those of you NT employees, to check on someone's living or dead status when they are just a corpse (ie: lying down dead) if you have them in your contact list, it differetiates between just a random corpse and your buddy. Color coding them helps as well. The important part of this rant is if they have been revivified, their profile will list them as their living class, and not a zombie.

  • Example: "There are eighteen dead bodies here. Six of them smell strange. You recognise Skitchipoo amongst them." When I clicked on Skitch's name, it turned him up as "Skitchipoo - Level 23 Civilian" NOT "Skitchipoo - Level 23 Zombie".

A decent GPS oriented map of Malton can be found at:

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