Gibsonton Independence Board

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Clock.png Totally Historical
This group is no longer active. However, it is totally historical to Malton and stuff.
It is not in the category because of the meanie-heads at Historical Groups. :(

Gibsonton Independence Board
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Abbreviation: GIB
Group Numbers: ~8 Independent + associated groups
Leadership: Collective, organized by Cole Westfall
Goals: Remove the PKers in disguise, Gibsonton Nationals, from Gibsonton.
Recruitment Policy: Must be willing to get your hands dirty.
Contact: GIB Forum

The Gibsonton Independence Board arose out of a conversation in late April 2008 between two concerned citizens. They both disliked the idea of a PKer group claiming to help the people as a survivor group, and decided to do something about it. The next few weeks were filled with secretive recruitment and planning, in preparation for the May 20th invasion.

The Invasion

The following groups have supported (directly or indirectly) GIB.

Wave 1

The GN decided to disband the same day as the attack. Despite this, the invasion has been declared a success so far, with former members being hunted down.


April 22nd GIB created
April 29th PK war started against Imperium
May 3rd GIB Forum established; membership at 5.
May ~8th By this time a system to sweep the entire suburb and an attack date have been set.
May ~15th Most GIB members have been recruited by now, and are getting into place/restocking.
3 Days Before Attack (BA) Notice sent out reminding some people not on the forum of the attack.
24 Hours BA Notice with some final details.
6 Hours BA Final notice sent out to GIB members, who are for the most part, in place and ready.
4 Hours BA Gibsonton Nationals disband.
2-3 Hours BA GIB Leader finally informed of the above, delayed due to a long game of Age of Empires III.
H-Hour Attack begins
3 Hours after attack Rabid GN member storms onto the wiki and gets his panties in a bunch without waiting for factual info.