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Becoming A Member

In order to become a fully fledged Demon, a few things must be done. There is no special order, or 'perfect' method, but here are a few hints of things that can be done (you can do as many/as few as you like).

{} Find a Grayside Demon and demand to be taken in and looked after (most will be more than happy to coddle you to death!)
{} Check out our forums thread for the full method of joining
{} Post a message on our 'talk' page
{} Pitch up in the HQ and request membership
{} Send a message via radio (this is our least favourite, simply because we like to meet people!).

Membership List

So this should be list of active Demons:

AbleSentinel (
brain4u (
Bucky Potter (
Chaffinch (
Darkangel2 (
Gary McBane (
Jinjinkas (
koryo (
Seth Jenkins (
The Master Scout (
TazInsanity2 (

We will be happy to see new faces!

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"A hug a day keeps the demons at bay"

-- Proverb

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The Grayside Demoms main page.

Members List
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Things To Know
Some Demon activity might appear odd. We explain a few things here.

Our Theme Song
Every Demon knows this by heart...honest!

Everyone requires a friend, even a Demon.

A list of all current enemies.

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