Harmsworth Massacre

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The Harmsworth Massacre is a blight on Kinch Heights and Malton history. It resulted in the third highest death toll of any robbery in Malton. Taking place in the Harmsworth Bank on June 15th, 1999, as a result of poor security, the Harmsworth Massacre resulted in the death of 5 civilians, one police officer, and one of the five robbers, Daj Oker. 8 Civilians and police officers were wounded. The robbers made off with approximatley £500; not much for the bloodbath that it was. Through steady broadcasting of the robbers throughough Kinch Heights and surrounding suburbs, the other four robbers were caught. It to this day remains one of the most recent pre-outbreak bank robberies in Malton--the other being an unspecified robbery in 2003.

The robbery itself

At roughly 4:00 PM, the robbers entered the bank, their guns undetected. They gunned down 2 civilans, wounding three others. Holding the bank hostage, and breaking their way through the bulletproof glass, the officers arrived and surrounded the building. Threatening to slay all inside if the officers didn't comply, the robbers killed another person. At this the police officers attempted a back entry. This prompted a firefight, resulting in the death of officer Dan Deblansky, Daj L. Oker and two civilians. The others escaped in a getaway car, having just opened the vault when the assault commenced. After roughly three and a half days, all surviving robbers were rounded up. Samuel Fipps was convicted with 40 years, Keith Payge convicted, along with Harry Petroski, with 45 years, no parole. Martin Lippet, the one who executed most of the civilians, was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences.