Hel's Daughters

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Hel's Daughters
Abbreviation: HD
Group Numbers: Confidential
Leadership: Spiderbawz
Goals: To increase the visibility of female players in Urban Dead, and to have (gasp!) fun while playing.
Recruitment Policy: [Offline].
Contact: Leave a comment on the talk page or find a Daughter.

The Question

Are you tired of stalking through Malton, only to see throngs of men wherever you go? Whatever happened to the near even ratio of men to women in the rest of the world? It's time to bring more women into Malton, and have fun doing it.

Who are Hel's Daughters?

Hel's Daughters is the evolution of the former Cybele's Shamblers, founded in the summer of 2007. Torec Shadecrow founded us in an effort to round out the Cybele's Children triad of PKer, pro-survivor and zombie female player groups. After the disbanding of the umbrella Cybele's Children in September of 2007, Cybele's Shamblers splintered off from the hive and was reborn as Hel's Daughters.

Hel's Daughters is a group of women zombies who are loosely organized and dedicated to advancing the presence of women in Malton by eating as many bra!nz as possible.

Please note that we are not out to kill only men, and we don't particularly have any sort of grudge against males. We're just a group of women who have a craving for blood and brains.

How Does Eating People Advance Women?

In the words of the illustrious Lachryma:

While it might seem counter-intuitive that our agenda consists of the usual zombie and PK activities coupled with a desire to promote women in Malton, these goals are not completely separate. Besides the minor impact of a male survivor seeing that he died by the jaws and claws of a woman, a zombie horde inevitably brings attention and publicity to itself as it trashes suburbs and the such, which in this case will also bring attention to the strange under-representation of women in Malton. In other words, the death and destruction brought about by Hel's Daughters will hopefully bring awareness to our concerns.

Who is Hel?

Hel is, unsurprisingly, the ruler of Hel - the Norse underworld (and every underworld, really). Born to Loki and the giantess Angrrboda, Hel is a giantess (and many would say a goddess) who rules over the nine realms of the underworld, where those who do not die valorously at war end up at their deaths. Our group, however, is not necessarily religious, or of Nordic ancestry - we simply found the symbolism of the Goddess Hel to be one profoundly apt for our group. A giant goddess who embodies both life and death simultaneously - what could be more perfect?

Where Is This Group Based?

The Daughters are a mobile group, and so our location is based on the whims of our members and community discussion of targets. Currently, we're centered in Dulston.

So What do I Need to do to Join?

Drop by our forums and read the instructions for applying. Your character must be dedicated to spreading chaos as a zombie or as a PKer. It must also be a female (discernable through either name or description).

Do I (The Player) Need to be a Woman to Join?

Not at all. However, your CHARACTER must be female.

Policy on PKing

The Daughters view PKing as something of an ethically gray area. While our recently-formed PKer Auxiliary enthusiastically engages in the PKing, we generally encourage our zombie sisters not to engage in PKing (nor even ZKing) while alive.

Daughters News

We are back in Dulston munching those who might have forgotten that it's our turf.


Feeling friendly? Let us know; if you scratch our (green, rapidly decaying) back, we'll scratch yours. What's left of it.

Infected Swarm: Our oldest and most reliable allies. These are good zambahs.
The Malton Zookeepers: They throw a harman-zambah mixer like nobody's business.

Show your support!

Do you agree that there should be more zambah zazzarz and otherwise female players in the game? Slap this on your group or user page to show your support:

Goddess.jpg Death And Destruction
This user or group supports the fiery women of Hel's Daughters and their zombie ways. Would you like a taste?
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Hel's Daughters is a member of The Second Big Bash, and will be coming with friends to your neighborhood soon!