Herman Horde

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Herman Horde
Abbreviation: HH
Group Numbers: None.
Leadership: None
Goals: Brains! Taking down and holding NT buildings.
Recruitment Policy: Ferals welcome! just see where we are and tag along. For full membership talk to our Contact.
Contact: None

The Herman Horde was a small congregation of zombies making a nuisance of themselves to survivors by hitting tactical resource points, safehouses and most importantly Necrotech buildings.

This group is closed.


The horde was officially started on the 17th of January 2010. The name comes from the first intended target of the new group, the Herman building, a NT building in Darvall Heights Acorpse had been harassing on his own for quite some time. The Herman Horde mustered what zombies it could and then went to work, one tactical resource building at a time.

What is the plan?

The group's goal is very simple. First and foremost it is about eating as many survivors as we can through casual organisation of our own members and getting involved with the local ferals through busting doors, groaning and business as usual. Zombie players of any experience are welcome to tag along and we let young zombies get the brains when we can.

Secondly, the Herman Horde was founded on a very firm belief in the Salt The Land Policy. Without Necrotech buildings, revivals become much harder. This means less survivors walking around, which means a lot gets easier for the Zombies in the district. If the Herman Horde is not hitting a NT building or occupying one, it is definately on our to do list. There is room for everyone, so if you find us in your local NT, feel free to stay the sway with us.

Sound good to you?

We're glad you think so. You can add any of our public members from the list below to your contacts so you know it is us in your suburb wrecking the place and chilling in your Necrotech buildings or rotting up the local Revive point.

If you want to get (slightly) more organised with us and wave the Herman Horde tag just send a message to one of our contacts so we can help you out and stay in touch. We'd like to know who is with us. There is no skill requirements behind the Herman Horde, you just need to be a zombie who is involved. The more Zombie skills the better, and Brain rot is paticularly useful if your spending a long time with us.

But where are you right now?

Chudleyton turned out to be a nice hunting ground. We helped break into the Mall and join in the slaughter earlier in the month. We will be shambling around for a time while the pickings are good. --Acorpse 01:22, 9 February 2011 (UTC)

Who were these public members you were talking about?

Public members are those who have agreed they don't mind the whole of the UD community knowing who they are by the Wiki. Give us a groan (or a helping claw) if you see us.