History of Dunell Hills

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Dunell Hills rests on the very outskirts of Malton, and used to be a small quiet community that had always kept to itself. The suburb supported several clinics and research hospitals and as such had a brisk medical trade in the area. The residents were at that time educated and prosperous, though not terribly abreast of current events. It was during a PTA meeting at Godsland Street School that the quarantine was instituted, but it was some time before residents could get a clear idea what was going on. Various waves of zombies swept through and judgment was upon them. The streets bled.

From the tattered remains of Dunell Hills, a small group of survivors was brought together by Sharko, and started to operate out of a secured police department on the western edge of the suburb. Finding a HAM radio and a box of defective badges, they attempted to reclaim the suburb from zombies. During their apex this group succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations, laying foundations for was one of the largest survivor groups in Malton: The Dunell Hills Police Department.

On Feb 1, 2006 as the Department expanded and grew in strength the plans were made to expand the DHPD patrol area. The DHPD would begin a process of patrols to secure not only Dunell Hills, but the surrounding five suburbs as well. This territory was referred as the DMZ.

The suburb was also home to the newly reopened Club Meade, one of Malton's premier night clubs. Residents and visitors alike were encouraged to stop by for a drink.