Homo Mortuus

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Homo Mortuus
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: jay37352
Goals: Spreading the Homo Mortuus society across Malton
Recruitment Policy: Here
Contact: http://homomortuus.proboards54.com/index.cgi

Homo Mortuus

Homo Mortuus originated in Grigg Heights. Naming themselves in latin as a parody of Homo Sapiens, Homo Mortuus translates as "Dead Man". They have adapted to the situation in Malton well, developing a survival strategy, a heirachy and social structure. Their aim is to spread this society across the whole of Malton.


We are Homo Mortuus. We are a next step along the evolution chain. We are alive, we metabolise, we eat, we respond to stimuli, we adapt to the enviroment, we reproduce, we are superior. In the Battle for Malton we cannot loose, it is the Homo Sapiens that cannot win. If they kill us all, we rise again, if we kill them all they join us and no-one is left to revive them. Theirs is the endless, unwinable fight. Ours is the future.

Society & Policies

We are not savage, we are not animals, though we feed on the Homo Sapiens.

Our society will be made up of older, more experienced Homo Mortuus, doing their part to ensure our contiued existence and growth by dealing with the hunter menace of the Homo Sapiens, and younger newer Homo Mortuus that will be nurtured and given the opportunities to experience, learn, and join the older members in expanding our society.

We have specific targets and locations that we intend to keep Sapiens free, and those where we will allow the Sapiens to exist, as well as other locations that will serve different purposes, rallying points and DE-revive points. These locations will only be revealed to society members.

We understand the plight of the Sapiens, as we were once them too, but their demise is inevitable, and we exist to reproduce, to create more of our own, and thus the Homo Sapiens must fall.

We specifically target buildings that allow the Sapiens to gather resources that would harm us. We leave safe, to some degree, Hospitals, so that the Sapiens can regenerate and we can bring them down again.

When clearing a building of Sapiens, older, more experienced members of society are encouraged to weaken the Sapiens drag them outside and inform other, younger society members they have done so.

If the worst should happen and a member of our society were to be revived, we encourage that member to travel to one of our DE-revive points, where our youngest members can "cut their teeth" and gain some valuable experience whilst in turn bringing our revived member back to us.

Joining the New Society

Contacting Jay at the board listed in the above panel is the best way to learn more about our society, have questions answered and be informed of current special locations and targets. Putting Homo Mortuus in the group part of your profile is also advised.


27th June 2009 After a long period of quiet Homo Mortuus has resurfaced in Roywood and resumed their mission. --Robthebarman 22:14, 27 June 2009 (BST)

14th September 2007 Most of Grigg Heights has been repaired by the Homo Sapiens, so Homo Mortuus has moved back and started where they left off, beggining with the ruining of Mack Auto Repair.--Robthebarman 16:20, 14 September 2007 (BST)

30th August 2007 With most of Grigg Heights Ransacked and Ruinen, Homo Mortuus has moved into Reganbank. Hollard Boulevard Railway Station and The Gallington Building have been Ransacked and Ruined by the destructive Homo Mortuus.--Robthebarman 14:37, 30 August 2007 (BST)

24th August 2007 The Moodborn Library in west Grigg Heights has been de-barricaded, ransacked and ruined by Homo Mortuus. The Homo Sapiens will find it harder to be "Sapiens" without books and knowledge, and therefore easier to herd.--Robthebarman 12:37, 24 August 2007 (BST)

23rd August 2007 The Bengefield Hotel in the North-West part of Grigg Heights is the current target, Haddock Road Police Department having been ruined. Sapiens inside and in the process of being dragged onto the streets. --Robthebarman 05:31, 23 August 2007 (BST)

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