Hungry Hungry Hypocrites

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Hungry Hungry Hypocrites
Abbreviation: probably 'H3' if it gets common enough
Group Numbers: 1
Leadership: Écorché‎ (but ideally independent cells)
Goals: To hunt down and devour GKers in collaboration with survivors whenever possible
Recruitment Policy: Preferably Brain-Rotted Zombies with a couple of radios; also, supporting/reporting pro-survivors
Contact: Talk page of Écorché‎


This group was created as an experiment to see if Brain-Rotted Zombie Alts of Pro-Survivor characters could be used to effectively (or, at least entertainingly) hunt GKers that law-abiding, Bounty Hunter-fearing Maltonites were reluctant to dispatch---despite the GKers' griefing ways. The plan was simple: create a zombie character, collect half a dozen or more radio receivers while human, get brain-rot, patrol Malton listening to those frequencies for GKer Alerts, and then peel away the crunchy, edifice-shell until you get to the creamy, GKer-filling. Repeat.


I'd say grief the griefers, but I really want some means of slowing down GKers without having to be placed on the Bounty Hunter Boards. Also, I see it as hilarious that survivors could despise the GKers so much that they would assist in them being dragged off to oblivion for their wrong-doings.

At least it would be a different kind of hunt, huh?

Conceptual Nuts & Bolts

I'll be honest---I am currently the sole member of Hungry Hungry Hypocrites, an organization that will need at least two working parts to work and two additional parts to (theoretically) become efficient.

  • 1. Brain-Rotted Zeds - these patrolling (or idling) forces are necessary to answer the call, breach buildings, and drag GKers kicking and screaming into the streets for a quick snack.
  • 2. Reporters - well-meaning Maltonites who are willing to find a radio transceiver (or send a cell phone message to someone who does) and relay the coordinates of GKers. Additionally, we run into the issue of establishing communication security so GKers (or Death Cultists) don't issue false reports to waste time or hijack our efforts.
  • 3. Helpful Helpful Hypocrites - survivors who are willing to coordinate efforts to de-barricade before or---more likely---re-barricade buildings after GKers are harvested from them. This would likely create good-will between well-meaning Maltonites so they would not have to choose between GKer griefing and immediate loss of barricades due to a persona non grata sharing their foxhole.
  • 4. Hurtful Hurtful Hypocrites - survivors who are willing to coordinate efforts to preemptively wound GKers so that they might more easily be dragged from a building and slain in the streets.

While the last three roles could conceivably be performed by the same survivors, it would take either a very dedicated bunch of players, widespread acceptance and support by the pro-survivor community, and/or very well coordinated internal workings of this Group. That's a long shot to say the least, but certainly one that would awesome if it got off the ground.

Proposed Structure

The hurdles to operating are: finding the location of GKers, reliably reporting their whereabouts via radio transceiver OR relaying the information to someone capable of broadcasting the intel to our field operatives.

I would propose that our zedified operatives select a number of suburbs that they could cover so as (1) not to interfere with the territories of possible Alts, (2) to reduce the number of frequencies monitored and radios carried, and (3) to reduce response time.

I would recommend getting two to three permanent "Dispatchers" in secure locations in different suburbs (perhaps secured by large, sympathetic pro-survivor groups) who carry cell phones, satellite phones, or monitor approved forums to broadcast seemingly accurate information (Dumbwit, anyone?). This way, anyone in the field who is interested can attempt to reach different signalers who will convey the information in different ways. Field operatives can choose to respond to these calls and have greater trust in their fidelity when they come from multiple sources. Additionally, numerous "Dispatchers" allows the system to breakdown and possibly continue to function.

I recommend brain-rotted zeds simply so that they cannot be combat-revived by enemies or allies of GKers---they'll have to waste a LOT of AP to stop you. Admittedly, this makes joining quite a commitment and prevents the easy acquisition and re-tuning of radios. That said, some folks like playing on "Difficult Mode."

Of course, camping with a known GKer's corpse is also fun because as a Brain-Rotter because you will prevent them from being revived. Also, you could choose to attack their zedified corpse once they stand ... I'm not sure about that yet.

This group listing could then contain postings of GKers being taken into the streets and devoured for morale and satisfaction of the overall schadenfreude of law-abiding Maltonians.

Joining Hungry Hungry Hypocrites

If you want to join, just change your group name to Hungry Hungry Hypocrites and reach out to me on the talk page of this Group or at the talk page of Écorché‎.

The long-term success of such a group would necessarily rely on vetting members and publicly listing approved (i.e. non-Griefing) members on this page. Other than the unlikelihood of survivors letting zeds take down buildings to snag GKers, death cultists and other griefers will likely put on our tags and misbehave to reduce public/survivor trust in our group, so all people wishing to join should register be they survivors or brain-rotters.

If you already operate with a survivor group and would like to join our cause, message me in the locations mentioned above. I would love to assist you with your local GKer issues and attempt to provide a service in their (delectable) removal. Consider speaking with your group leaders and see if this amusing approach might be worth a go.

External Reporting / (Non-Members) Reporting GKers

For those who are not initiates of the Hungry Hungry Hypocrites, please report GKings and SEEN GKers as per radio etiquette for PKers on 28.66 MHz (PK Alert Channel). Just be sure to identify the targets as GKers.

If you want to broadcast the link of a Dumbwit of GKer Activity, feel free to do so (if it fits) or post them on this group's talk page.

Initiates will be given more specific frequencies over which to transmit.


No Zerging/Zergs - territories help prevent accidental Alt abuse. If you happen to be a Zerg, my recommendation is to "come forth, atone for your evils, and depart them forever."
No PKing - what we do is a painstaking work-around to avoid PKing---zeds eating GKers is not PKing.
No Griefing - try to be a good sport when feasting upon GKers' entrails; turnabout is, afterall, fair play.


Hungry Hungry Hypocrites

Helpful Helpful Hypocrites

  • your name here
  • your name here

Hurtful Hurtful Hypocrites

  • your name here
  • your name here


Northwestern Districts

  • NW-1: Unoccupied
  • NW-2: Unoccupied
  • NW-3: Unoccupied
  • NW-4: Unoccupied
  • NW-5: Écorché (southern half),

Northeastern Districts

  • NE-1: Unoccupied
  • NE-2: Unoccupied
  • NE-3: Unoccupied
  • NE-4: Écorché (southern half),
  • NE-5: Écorché (southern half),

Southwestern Districts

  • SW-1: Unoccupied
  • SW-2: Unoccupied
  • SW-3: Unoccupied
  • SW-4: Unoccupied
  • SW-5: Unoccupied

Southeastern Districts

  • SE-1: Unoccupied
  • SE-2: Unoccupied
  • SE-3: Unoccupied
  • SE-4: Unoccupied
  • SE-5: Unoccupied


These organizations have generously pledged assistance in some capacity:

Diplomatic Contact

Momentous occasions in which other organizations have recognized us:

You Call'em Out, We Haul'em Out (i.e. Results)

In this section we shall place Dumbwit and screenshots of GKers becoming our just desserts:

  • None so far
  • None so far

GKer Gallery

This section will likely be the first to get filled, so at least the group will accomplish something even if no GKers get harmed in the making of this motion picture ...