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NOTE: This is an in-game movement. It is not a Wiki Policy or an official rule of the game.

KOS The Profile Police Policy
Abbreviation: KOS The PP Policy
Group Numbers: The good people of Malton who seek to stop the Profile Police
Leadership: unimportant
Goals: Kill members of the Profile Police on sight
Recruitment Policy: Just add a tag to your wiki
Contact: use the discussion page


The message behind the KOS the PP Policy is clear. This is a multi-lateral effort to remove the scourge of the Profile Police from Malton. This policy does not support the PKing of any other group, but rather wishes to defeat the ignorant and detrimental tactics of a group that has sought to wage war on otherwise peace loving groups in Malton.

Known Members of the PP

This is a list of known members of The Profile Police:

The Trot Man

The Sard Killer

Romero Trot

Mighty Axewound


Suspected member

Barf Chunk - The involvement of Barf Chunk has been reported but is unconfirmed. Please refrain from KOSing unconfirmed members of The Profile Police.

Supporting Players

DariusAPB and the Lockettside Inquisition.

Supporting Groups