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The Lack Confederacy

Cofounder+Writer of the Wiki




Oath of Honor

I do hereby swear, on penalty of damnation and expulsion, that I will never use anything but honorable tactics, and will do my best to win that way, despite the odds, with no malice toward our foes, and no arrogance in our hearts.

Group Description

Formed by Luke and Zack (Game: Lukechews and BrooksFan), this is our personal Zombie group. We go by the "UD Geneva Convention." Meaning: No spying as survivors, no metagame spying. PK'ing rules: We request in our profiles that people not combat-revive us, and, if they do, we PK, but even then, only on survivors at full health who are near our levels. Southern Honor lives again. If you want to join, just leave a message on this talk page, or my profile (Nalikill 20:57, 24 June 2007 (BST)) that link in there, and we'll add you to the roster. Downoad AIM, and and leave your AIM identity on this talk page or my talk page, and we can coordinate. If you want to ally with our group, again, just leave a message on this page or my profile. We're mainly survivors, but we're doing this to understand all aspects of the game.

If you're a survivor, then you can join a group with similar ethics, where both Nalikill and Lukeninersfan can still be found, USAI

Special Operations

Our special operations group is called the NRA Even in special operations, we are determined to keep our honor. Special operations are ONLY conducted in the direst of battles, when the LC believes we truly need to win. You can join the Spec Ops if you are a PK'er, or a feral. You will still include the "combat revive" caution, but, you will stay a survivor until somone kills you, and you will PK, GK, or BK until that point, according to orders, and you will declare what you're doing, before you do it. You can work independently or with our normal ops in your spare time, but if you PK independently, you must declare you have PK'ed independently. If we get evidence- of any sort- that you've violated regulations, you will be expelled. But most importantly, you WILL KEEP YOUR ALTS INDEPENDENT. That is to say, if you have a PK'ing or feral alt, you cannot be in the same region of Malton, let alone suburb, as your alt.


LukeChews- Alt of Lukeninersfan

BrooksFan- Alt of Nalikill

Pinata- Alt of PirateJames

Kooze515- Alt of Broker (JakeTM in USAI)