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What's Leaping?

Leaping is a new technique that I have developed. It can only be done once in your UrbanDead career, so it is something to be taken seriously and taken advantage of. So, you're a level 22 human with a boatload of XP and have no idea what to do? LEAP! Store up at least 1,900 XP and position yourself in a mall. Load up on shotguns, pistols, revive syringes, or other lethal zombie weapons. Make your peace with God and then remove yourself from the mall. Yes, that's right, step outside and go down in style, shooting and reviving and screaming like a madman! It is the Leeeeeeroooooooy Jenkins of UrbanDeading! Buy all your zombie skills and then rejoin the likes of the human race. Now you have avoided all that time as a zombie needed to buy the skills. If done correctly, your time as a zombie should last about a minute and a half, and you'll have all the skills.

How to Leap Successfully

Leaping requires planning if it is to be done successfully.

Gear Up

First, have the proper gear. Guns, ammo, syringes, anything necessary to inflict as much damage as possible to the zombie hordes outside.

Select your Horde

The second key is a zombie horde. Leaping is weak sauce if it is done into a horde of any less than 300 zombies.


Third, even though this game can be played on both broadband and dial-up connections, Leap on a broadband connection, so as to inflict the highest possible damage before your ultimate death.

Buy up Big

Fourth, buy all the zombie skills except brainrot as soon as possible. If you're uber hard-core you'll have somebody waiting for you in a powered NecroTech building so that you can even buy brainrot!


Fifth, have a revive plan. Have somebody waiting for you at a predestined location so that you don't have to remain a zombie for long.


Sixth, HAVE FUN! The crazier the leap, the better. Take a screenshot, yell some type of crazy battle cry, have a group leap, do whatever! Post your Leap here and tell others how you made yours rock!