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Lights Out
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Table of Contents

Lights Out - History - The Laws of the Dark Undead - Allies/Enemies - Joining


Lights Out

Lights Out is a zombie group that was founded on February 3, 2010.

We welcome all the Dark Undead, both old and new, to join. All that is necessary for membership is that you desire to stamp out the lights that blind and mock us undead day and night. Of course, eradicating the Hoarders of the Light, those filthy "humans", in the meantime doesn't hurt whatsoever!

In a world that is undergoing a Dark Undead plague, it seems silly that Hoarders of the Light well outnumber the Dark Undead, does it not? We want to change that, revert Malton to the way it was long ago, before the Hoarders of the Light had even set foot onto the once fertile ground and outshone the stars with their artificial lights.

If this group seems like something you want to be a part of, come, join, and wipe out the lights (and it's Hoarders) with us!

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Lights Out's history hides in somewhat of a shadow, being a little group that spawned out of mystery and died out of neglect under the hand of JustinMullins, the creator. We will never know the history behind the creation of Lights Out, and he will only exist as a ghost of a time lost long ago.

Though I have tried as I might, I could not contact him when I endeavored to join the group myself. I soon realized, upon investigation, that Justin had been inactive for many years, and that not only was I the only member in a poorly planned but brilliant group but that there was no foreseeable future for Lights Out if I didn't do something.

So, I decided to revitalize the group, flesh it out completely, bring it to what it could have one day been, if Justin had stayed. I took control of the group myself, declaring myself a "stand-in" leader until the end of the month which I contacted Justin last, at which point, if he did not respond, I would assume full leadership responsibilities. He did contact me, and officially handed over the role of leadership to me.

I remade the forums and pages in hopes of bringing this fantastic, unique idea back to life, creating a group of, really, just me. After all my work was complete, I encouraged people to join so that Justin's brilliant group- now my brilliant group, could black out the world in years to come.


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The Laws of the Dark Undead

The Laws which we have created in order to create a more perfect, dark world are not to be disputed. These Laws are to be followed at all times. They are as such:

  • The Dark Undead must not work under the control of one puppeteer in this group. (No using alts/zerging)

  • The Dark Undead must not go out of their way to harm puppeteers repeatedly. (No text rape, no griefing, etc.)

  • The Dark Undead must not disrespect other members in Lights Out.

  • The Dark Undead must live as nomads or nomad-like beings.

  • The Dark Undead must destroy all lights, no exceptions.

  • The Dark Undead must hunt and kill those who endeavor to light up the city, the Hoarders of the Light.

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We, as of now, have no allies or enemies. This does not mean we would not be welcoming of a group who may wish to become our allies or our enemies, this is simply because we are still a new-ish group and thus have none yet.

If you are a group and would like to ally/feud with us, drop us a message at the talk page!

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Want to join? We want you to! We ask that you post a request on the Lights Out talk page under "Join" providing a brief message as to who you are or why you want to join, (after being read it will be deleted and your name will be added to the group members list) and/or sign up for an account on the forum.

While it would be great if you did one or both of these things, it is not necessary to do either of them; you can just put "Lights Out" in your group slot for your Urban Dead character and be an independent member.

As our group is founded on an idea, versus a community plan and goal, so long as you agree with what is stated above you can technically join. HOWEVER, we would rather you tell us in some way that you do want to join, so that we can have an estimate as to how many people are in the group. You may find it advantageous to join the Forum, as news will often be posted there first, and more private group-wide discussions will also be hosted there.

To contact us, please visit our forum.
Click here: Lights Out Forum

Old forum (Lights Out's original forum): Old Forum

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The Policy/Rules page isn't done yet because I need to re-teach myself how to code things... I'LL GET ON IT EVENTUALLY I'M SO SORRY

Lights Out Forum
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