Lone Wolf Tactic

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Zombie Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a zombie strategy.

This tactic is for zombie characters who want to kill as much as possible.

Are you really alone?

The Question is with the Lone Wolf Tactic are you really alone? No not really...

The Official Tactic

Spy on a large group of human pk'ers best if they have a forum. 

Then wait for them to enter a town and go there. Then find a Necrotech building (Best if the building is in the mid town) and take down the barricade go inside and then wait for some human to set the barricade back up and then observe all flares that get set off and groaning noises. Then wait for the Pk'ers to ruin a building and destroy the generator then you just leave your hiding place and infect all the people inside you can.

It will use up about 350 after you get to the town and take down the barricade and infect the humans.

If you get revived

If you get revived while inside the NT building and waiting for someone to rebuild the barricade. You simply search the building and if you find Revive syringes and a DNA scanner then you go to the building the PK'ers where attacking and look about for some of the Pk'ers (Who should be zombies by now) and revive them and if the people defending the building set up a generator then you destroy and go back to your hiding place and set the barricade back up.