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Abbreviation: TMP
Group Numbers: 8
Leadership: v4por, JainHall, DbD
Goals: Revivification and application of First Aide to survivors in need of such
Recruitment Policy: Visit the Litigations area of our forum
Contact: Forum (new forum coming soon)


Established in June 2009, Malpractice is a survivor group seeking to poke and FAK our way to a safer Malton. Malpractice was originated by a group of ARGers from Unforums. As the group grows, members aren't necessarily ARG players, but must be able to tolerate others "Getting Their GEEK on" with ARG's!

Our Missions

Malpractice once operated in the suburb of Lukinswood with objectives including maintaining the Rayner Crescent RP, upholding the Lukinswood Optimal Defense Plan and helping to make Lukinswood a safer suburb for survivors. The group disbanded in late 2009. As of July, 2011 some previously inactive members began actively playing the game again and discussion of reviving the once tight knit group began.

Emergency Care



Any survivors that find themselves in Lukinswood in need of a revive can stop by The Malpractice Emergency Room and request one! Staff is on shifts 24/7 and will get to you ASAP! In addition to maintaining Raynor Crescent, we also frequent the Havercroft Revive Points when revive queues are long and will quite often revive any who stand in these cemeteries.
We make every attempt to have members of our staff fully stocked with revivifcation syringes at all times. Under times of distress, syringe consumption may be high and access to reliable resource buildings may be low. If your request is not fulfilled within 24 hours of entering it, please check back on the request page for an update.


First Aid

Our Staff keeps a vigilant lookout for haggard and diseased looking survivors while making our rounds. Most staff members carry a number of First Aide Kits with them and will use their keen diagnostic skills to quickly determine survivors in need of healing and infection removal. We will make every attempt to fully heal weakened survivors however removal of infectious diseases is our primary goal. If you are not fully healed by one of our staff members, their services may be needed elsewhere or their supply may have run out.

Preventative Care



Malpractice acknowledges and supports the Uniform Barricading Policy and makes every effort to uphold the Lukinswood Optimal Defense Plan as agreed upon by the community. All staff are skilled in the ways of barricading buildings and will assist where needed when barricading is necessary.



While Malpractice is generally seen as a group dedicated to the healing and revivification of survivors, we recognize that this would not be possible without the..."disposal" of some undesirable individuals. Malpractice maintains its own database of both individuals with cortex damage and those survivors bent on the destruction of other survivors. If a member of our staff encounters a rotter or a PKer, they are likely to be added to the database and placed on a KOS list. Group leaders also regularly check the Rogue's Gallery for known PKers and their locations. Skilled staff members are encouraged to track and euthanize players who exhibit qualities deemed undesirable to the safety of Lukinswood and the surrounding area.

Individuals wishing to surgically remove their cortex damage should inquire within our Emergency Room

Information Technology



Armed with DNA scanners, NecroTech employment badges and NecroNet access codes, Malpractice staff members will regularly scan local zombies and from time to time will upload scan data at nearby NT Buildings. While we do not currently have a dedicated team to regularly update NecroWatch with our data, we have made this a future goal. For now, our staff continues to do their part by scanning all standing zombies as often as possible.



Malpractice will occasionally help in maintaining The Coram Building - the building in which the famed Emergency Broadcast System can be found - when the need is there and when the help can be spared. A more permanent presence will soon be established. In the meantime, we try to maintain our own radio transmitter and will broadcast on the either the 27.50 frequency or a private frequency. Stay "tuned" for updates.

Alliances and New Members

Malpractice wants YOU!

Malpractice is currently taking staff applications for all positions. No matter your set of skills, your area of interest, or your level of experience Malpractice needs you to help make Malton a safer place. If you are currently part of another pro-survivor group and are interested in learning how we can work together, we would love to hear from you as well.

Staff applications and diplomatic discussions can be initiated at in the Litigation section of our Off Site Clinic. We can't wait to hear from you. for the forum -

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