Malton Park Rangers

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Malton Park Rangers
Abbreviation: MPR
Group Numbers: Unknown and hopefully will be growing
Leadership: Buck Nekked
Goals: To Protect Maltons Parks
Recruitment Policy: Open- Accepting members


The Malton Park Rangers have a history as far back as the creation of Maltons Parks. They have strived to protect these landmarks for the enjoyment of the people of Malton.


At the time of the outbreak the Malton Park Rangers were doing what they did best...protect the parks. However, having only basic firearms, skills and small numbers, they were quickly over run and nearly destroyed. At present there are few Malton Park Rangers left, however they ones that are left are still doing what they use to...trying to protect the parks.


If you would like to be one of the few write to the contact listed above.

Malton Park Rangers

Maltons Parks

To find a Malton Park near you click here: [[1]]

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