Marlton Reanimated Horrors

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Saving Santlerville one Mrh at a time!

Marlton Re-animated Horrors
Abbreviation: MRH!
Group Numbers: 11
Leadership: TorchDragon, ZedLord
Goals: Liberate Santlerville from the tyranny of the living. To spread freedom and democracy to zombies of all races.
Recruitment Policy: Must be room temperature(or close your environment's ambient temperature if your environment is not a room)

Good Mrhning Santlerville!

Current MRH! News

4 Oct 2008

Today was rather uneventful. We managed to remove a few warm-bloods that were hiding in the surrounding areas. Yesterday we cleaned an infestation out of Beer Place School but like roaches, the living keep scurrying back the moment we turn out the lights. Hopefully they'll get the hint from our redecorations to the areas around the Police Department and move along. We've not forgotten about you, inhabitants of CCPD, we will be coming back for you. Torchdragon 16:20, 2 October 2008 (BST)

25 Sept 2008

Our campaign to liberate Santlerville continues. We are happy to report a tenacious victory over the pulse-bearing oppressors at the Cotterrell Crescent Police Department. Their existence has once again been purged and their toy box pilfered. We will hold strong for as long as we can but if its one thing we've learned about the living, they just won't stay dead. Torchdragon 15:45, 25 September 2008 (BST)