McDermott Park

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McDermott Park

West Becktown [10,37]

Standen Row
(Dunell Hills)
the Fennessy Building Tibbs Row
Glass Park
(Dunell Hills)
McDermott Park Graham Towers
a factory
(Dunell Hills)
Emes Walk Sevior Plaza

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.



A nice park, that looks like it was well maintained for years, but has succumbed to wild growth for some time now...


Seamus McDermott (1901-1983) was a Scottish Maltonite whose family had had a vendetta with their Irish neighbors, the Fennessy's. Legend has it that their quarrel began over a barrel of whisky (or whiskey, depending on who you asked).

By the time Seamus reached adulthood, more pressing matters, like both World Wars, had pushed the vendetta to the background, and their families grew closer as both lost their eldest son in some of the last fights of the Second World War in the Netherlands.

In 1960 Seamus and his wife decided to retire to the countryside, and were looking for an interested party to buy their property. As it happened, Luke Fennessy and his family had just moved to a luxurious appartment and were looking for space to develop a new project nextdoors. When the two men met, they quickly agreed on a reasonable price for McDermott's land, and they both signed within the day.

In honor of their families' history, they put in a clause that the McDermott and Fennessy names forever should live on next to each other in the new projects that were developped there. To this day, many decades after Seamus and Luke have passed away, the oldest Maltonites still grin as they pass by the now abandoned Fennessy Building and McDermott Park.