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DulstonAllianceAlly.jpg Dulston Alliance
This survivor group is a member of the Dulston Alliance.

Metal Fox is a Special Forces team that was sent into Malton early April 2007. Radio contact with the team was lost about one week into the operation and they were considered KIA. In truth the team is very much alive and is still attempting to complete the original mission, namely helping re-securing Malton from the zombie menace. Over time the members of Metal Fox have changed, as the team has adapted and grown in order to better confront the undead, but they have never wavered from their goal.

The group is currently stationed in the far northeast corner of Malton, straddling the suburbs of Rolt Heights/Pescodside. Metal Fox is also a proud member group of the Dulston Alliance, of which we are considered one of its military branches geared towards dealing with various zombie threats that impact the peace of Rhodenbank, Dulston, Rolt Heights, or Pescodside. As one of the more mobile member groups of the Alliance we also known for embarking on missions to other suburbs, such as when we join in the Battle of Santlerville.

At this time Metal Fox has currently started a recruitment drive in order to build up its numbers once again. If you are new to the area and interested in joining up, then drop by our group forum or head over here to read more about the group.