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The Origin

Humanity were always on the verge of developing violent hatreds of foreigners and manifested strong ongoing tendencies to slaughter everything in vast numbers. They could never reliably see the humanity in all members of their own kind. Being fatefully prone to short-term thinking. Even when confronted by data, it could only imagine the near-term future, viewing the long-term as a chimerical and unreal state.


..immediate impulses were left uncontained and worked to destroy its individual and collective future. Its mind hated to reflect on itself, it could not bear to submit its ideas to rational scrutiny, it preferred to act rather than think. It had a narcotic desire for distraction and fantasy.

It did not want to know itself.

The Unknown

You, the reader, are about to be impaled upon the sharp horns of a dilemma. If you accept the propositions of this theory, you condemn your most cherished sanctuaries to annihilation.

In return you will awaken - but only to the most fiery of Hells. Should you reject the argument, you resign yourself to a cancerous disintegration of your previously subconscious sense of identity.

Whatever your decision, it can be avoided no longer. Misanthropia finally articulates what man has instinctively dreaded to proclaim: that he himself is destruction..

The Promise

They looked within themselves and found the main purpose was to gather a group of like-minded individuals together for the use of their combined energies in calling up the dark force in mans nature.

As they correctly perceived, the world was based on worship of the spirit and denial of the flesh. They saw need for a world that would recapture man's body and carnal desires as objects of celebration. And since worship of fleshly things produces pleasure, there would then be a temple of glorious indulgence that would bring destruction for all people.


..and they delved into military manuals and discovered that arsenals for the equipment of armies and navies could be bought like groceries in a supermarket and used to conquer masses of people.

The idea took shape in their heads that contrary to what they were told, the earth would not be inherited by the meek, but by the strong and mighty.

And to the strong and mighty it would fall.