Morrish Mausoleum Mofos

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Morrish Mausoleum Mofos
Abbreviation: MMM
Group Numbers: 3
Leadership: Zombie9989
Goals: To maintain the Morrish Building as a Zombie stronghold and keep it out of Harmanz hands!
Recruitment Policy: Open to all zeds in the area
Contact: Leave a note in the discussion section of this page


A highly organised group of zombies that are drawn to the Morrish building from the massive carnage of the Ridleybank massacre and proximity to the regular food supply at Giddings Mall. Veterans of mall tours, the Morrish is now our home where we rest our weary bones. We do not appreciate being evicted by selfish humans, but always glad of the tasty meals that follow. BARHAH!


We are experienced zeds unafraid of harman aggression. On the front line in action in Pitneybank our primary goal is to keep Morrish in our favourite cosy ruined state, with a secondary mission of triggering/assisting any break in at Giddings mall. If you're in the area, feel free to join up and feast on our harman visitors.


  1. Zombie9989
  2. Jamed