New Arkham Deadskins

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New Arkham Deadskins
Abbreviation: N.A.D
Group Numbers: 4
Leadership: Voldgrim
Goals: We want to own New Arkham
Recruitment Policy: We are recruiting anyone that are stupi... cool enough to join us.
Contact: Voldgrim


New Arkham Deadskins is a small gang of streetpunks that takes themself far more serious then anyone should.

Gangcolour is Purple, and is usually worn as a bandana tied armound left arm.
The gang usually hanged around The Vick Arms in New Arkham but is currently scattered around the city.

What We Are

We were born, raised and killed in the New Arkham Area. Now we have risen to raise hell upon this area and eat YOUR BRAIN!
We do accept the fact that our members might get revived, but that is a easy problem to solve, and they might do some undercoverwork meanwhile.


Username Profile ID Rank
Voldgrim 765186 Leader
Mike Firefighter 747017 Member
Beliath 748428 Member
Intercorpse 796139 Member

Exchangestudent from Sweden. His short fuse got him into the footballteam as a lineback, but also had him kicked out rather soon as he injured another player on purpose. Dropped out of school and drifted around New Arkham as leader for this gang for several years before the gangmembers got divided up by marriage, jail, work and other lifedestroying events. Reformed this gang with Mike and Beliath after they got undead.

Mike Firefighter
Boned Arkham Promqueen and she got pregnant. He beated her up pretty bad, and ended up in jail. Got out, drank Budweiser and got bitten by zombies.

Evil. Just plain evil.

Dead-sexy Zombievixen. The first female in the gang! Rumours says that she can suck a brain through a 15’ gardenhose.


The people behind these characters and this group, are still very new to Urban Dead. If this page contains any errors please let us know so we can fix this.


Jun 10, 2007 - The once so (in their own eyes) gloriful gang of NAD is today scattered like the winds. Most of the gang is currently fighting as revived survivors, and some are just standing there like headshot zombies that refuses to understand that they are dead. Voldgrim still visits the old headquarter The Vick Arms every now and then, but as some peaceloving hippies tries to ruin New Arkham, he can't stand the place for more then a few minutes and then moves on.

Apr 04, 2007 - The selfproclaimed leader of NAD, Voldgrim, got attacked by a crazy scientist, and ended up as a mortal again. Mike took a good bite out of him for old friendships sake, and then Voldgrim vent to visit some survivors hidden nearby. He messed around with a chick called Juliet and even stole her ID-badge, which now gives him entry-clearance in NecroTech areas. Later that night Voldgrim got shot in the head by a guy namned [Romero Trot]. Might have been the chicks boyfriend. Voldgrim woke up once again a cool zombie, outside that building the next day. As a revenge for the headshot, he teared down all the barricades, and started eating on everyone inside to make sure he spread the infection. More zombies smelled the blood and soon every last one of the surviviors in that building was dead.

Apr 03, 2007 - Marven Mall has fallen, and NAD took a very active part in making it so. Members of NAD later celebrated by breaking into a nearby childrens hospital, and feasted the night away.

Mar 30, 2007 - NAD got lost from eachother for a while, but now gathers outside Marven Mall, and together with other brainless creatures, they're working their way in. Free flesh for everyone!

Mar 22, 2007 - Since NAD started to claim ownership over New Arkham, the survivors have fled the area. Not that we can blame them for being scared, but this place is now classified as a ghost town and we are getting bored. We love our old pub, but it is time for the Deadskins to spread the terror to other places. First we planning to go on a shoppingspree at Tompson Mall in Lockettside.

Mar 02, 2007 - Success, but not satisfied. The NAD-led attack against The Parr Building was a success as they hammered themself through the barricades, but only to find that those chickens**t survivors have fled. Frustrated of the lack of flesh to feast upon, the zombies ransacked the building to leave a statement.

Mar 01, 2007 - NAD made it into the news!

A small group of zombies are gathered outside The Parr Building [4,95], moaning something like this: "B-G, AgBAAgNRa HBa Gm-BMb A-RBgAGh! Rb-BgB R-AAgGH ARb RbBgB Ha-ARR Aa-MGGgAgGGmBb AgH GmHRb HaGgAN AbHHGg BgBAMaN GhBRbAGg! Gg-BRbRa AgBRaRbRHN Ha-ARR Aa-MGGgAgGGmBb AGmAg GbGGgGg AGgGg Ag-Ga-'Ra GGmRaGAgB!!"
Someone claims that it would translate into: "Ei, deadys of New Arham! The Radio at the Parr Building do not play cool heavy metal! Lets destroy Parr Building and kill all DJ's inside!!" but no sources can actually confirm that it means just that. The fact is however that the zombies keeps attacking the barricades like a big bad wolf wanting in to the little piggies

Feb 28, 2007 - The NAD's first target is their old school - Newmarch Avenue School. They hope to find their old teachers still alive.

Update - The School was empty. Disappointed the NAD went back home, only to find some other brainless zombie in their pub. A fight started with this intruder.

Feb 27, 2007 - New Arkham Deadskins is founded as Voldgrim found his old friend Mike the Firefighter. They both found their way back to their old favourite pub "the Vick Arms" and there they shared a couple of warm beers and some brains that Voldgrim found on the way.

They both agreed on that it is easier to get brains of survivior by teamwork, so they're now working on re-establish their old gang and grow strong enough to take control over New Arkham.

Later that night Beliath stumbled in and started to beat up Mike for old times sake. The happy brainmunchin trio are now gathered to build the core of the New Arkham Deadskins

--Daarkh 08:49, 28 February 2007 (UTC)