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Someone who only recently joined the game and does not yet fully understand the game mechanics. It can also mean a low level user who is very weak.

There are a few who make a distinction between Newbie and Noob/newb. To them, a newbie is mearly someone new to the game, forum, etc. A noob, on the other hand, is someone who acts like a new member, and refuses to improve. Example: PQN is a major n00b.

From the Urban Dictionary:

Noob is meant as an offensive term towards someone who is 
not necessarily new, and quite often is directed at someone
that is somewhat experienced but at the same time 
stupid/disruptive and/or totally incapable of learning.
A noob is almost always someone who thinks they're cool but 
obviously isn't. Also used in 1337-speak.

Newbie is not meant to be offensive. Newbie merely states that the person in question is new to the game/board/whatever.
Noob - Ralph: OMG I IS THE BEST!11!!one1!!! YUO ALL SUK!11! LOL! Fred: noob. Daniel: go home n00blet...
Newbie - Sam: Guys, anyone know where |x| is? Daniel: Sure, Its somewhere over near |y|.

Other Ways Of Typing Newbs:

  • N0035
  • n00bs
  • Newbies