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Abbreviation: NH
Group Numbers: Recruiting
Leadership: Arskyer
Goals: To protect humans and contain the zombie threat
Recruitment Policy: Open application process
Contact: Visit the website.

NightHawks Manifesto

Honor. Courage. Loyalty.

These are the key tenants of the NightHawks. We live by them, and thus we grow.

To the enemy, the zombies and Pkers, we will be the everpresent foe. We will strike from the shadows, swiftly and cleanly, delivering them to the death which they deserve.

To our friends, all true survivors, we shall be the stalwart defenders, the healers hand and the life-giving revival. We will do our best, to give them the safety they deserve.

For we are NightHawk.

Current Agenda

Presently we are operating in Huntley Heights. This area currently has few zombies and is a good area to form the group and level up.

Our priority goal at the moment is to increase membership and organise the group.


Currently we are looking for all the members we can get. This includes. but is not limited to:

  • Fighters- We need those willing to put themselves in the line of fire, sacrificing themselves for others.
  • Support- We need survivors ready and willing to heal those near death and revive those who are.
  • Command- We need trustworthy individuals to help lead this group.

Notable Group Activity

August 25th, 2006

The group's website goes up. Find it here.

August 23rd, 2006

The group is formed