No meta-gaming

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NOTE: This is an in-game movement. It is not a Wiki Policy or an official rule of the game.

No meta-gaming

Do you remember your first time signing in to UD, before you even read all the great guides? Remember wandering aimlessly, unsure how to find a building you sleep in, where all the other survivors are? Using your binoculars to scout around for lit buildings, hospitals? Dependent on radio broadcasts for communications?

And then remember when you joined a group, or started using the wiki more often? It made the game easier, and often more fun, as you could connect with other people. But deep down inside, don't we worry something was lost?

In response, try abandoning meta-gaming, for at least some characters. This means no communication via forums. But using a broad definition of meta-gaming, it means not using the wiki, or suburb maps. Using the city-wide map, might be acceptable, as one can assume survivors know which suburb is where, but that depends on the individual person.

What should I do?

Just stop meta-gaming. If you want, you can link to this page on your group or personal page, to show you support.