Project Mayhem

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Project Mayhem
Abbreviation: None.
Group Numbers: An undisclosed number operating in covert cells within various suburbs, unified by 'The Leader'
Leadership: Anonymous, only known within the group and publicly as 'The Leader'
Goals: To free humanity from the chains of dehumanizing, lifeless generator and radio technology; rendering the intelligent, cunning, and capable individuals free from the needs of parasitic undermen dependent on said technology, allowing them to fulfill their personal potentials.
Recruitment Policy: Contact 'The Leader'.
Contact: The Leader:

Project Mayhem is a revolutionary covert organization operating asymmetrically throughout Malton in a war against radios and generators, which it sees as a dehumanizing barrier to individual self-actualization.

The things you own -- end up owning you.

"You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same, decaying, organic matter as everything else. We are all part of the same compost heap.

You are not your job. You are not how much money you have in the bank. You are not the contents of your wallet. You are not the shoes you wear. You are not the car you drive. You are not your f%&king khakis! We are the all-dancing, all-singing crap of the world.

First, you can't sleep. Then, there's a gun in your mouth. The things you own -- end up owning you." -- The Leader

The Manifesto of Project Mayhem

Where are we going as a species? What is our role in the universe at large? How do we improve ourselves, and our fellows?

Project Mayhem asks these questions, questions which have burned in the hearts and minds of men since the first man-apes took sentience. We pose these question not only to the living survivors of Malton, but to our "zombie" bretheren as well. We here at Project Mayhem see no fundamental differences between living and undead: we all have the same desires; we both feel the same need for good food, for a place to call 'home', but above all -- for companionship, love, and brotherhood. The prejudices between us is but trivial, and division arbitrary and artificial. Man is Man, living or no. We are all part of the same compost heap, as the saying goes in Project Mayhem. It is our explicit goal to rouse man from his intellectual slumber and address these questions unbound by distraction and mental slavery.

Modern society has not made any progress in answering these vital existential questions. We are constantly told by the voices on the airwaves what to wear, what to eat, what to buy. We come to define ourselves by these material comforts, these bourgeois privileges. But what do we really gain? Project Mayhem's answer is this: we have gained nothing; in fact, we have lost, and are still losing, a vital part of our spirit. We lose sight of what is truly important, and begin to drift in the murky tides of liberal democracy and consumer capitalism. A people without a goal loses its direction and becomes spiritually corrupt.

Modernism, in all of its empty and arbitrary artificiality is currently represented in the city of Malton in the myriad network of blinking lights and radio systems. As the city crumbles and our living and undead population slowly decay under the shroud of mass despair and "vitalistic" cleansing of each other, we huddle together in the cold halls of our malls and hospitals over a tiny, glowing electric generator and half-listening to a hissing, barely functional radio: fearful of the shadowy outside world but unwilling and unable to leave the relative safety of our hellish condition, content to drown it out with the hum and crackle of our machinery. Those amongst us who are strong, capable, and intelligent are socially "obligated" to seek out fuel for the generators and the odd replacements for the radio, by the majority who utterly depend on these devices for their survival. Thus even those who have no need for such devices become enslaved to them by proxy.

Why do we need generators and radios? For protection? For communication? Is that not why we have our firearms, our mobile phones, our natural voices? We have lost touch with what it means to be alive (and unalive), we have collectively weakened ourselves by catering to the lowest-common-denominator instead of rightfully leaving them to their natural dysgenic fates.

The current goal of Project Mayhem is this: the destruction of all radios and generators within the city and the de-globalization of both the survivor and undead community, and individual self-actualization for both peoples.

Ideally, our desired outcome is thus:

- Destruction of all standing radios and generators within the city of Malton.

- The ransacking and permanent occupation of all buildings within the city which supply radios and generators by undead bretheren.

- A return to a more tribalistic mode of existence, where daily life and unlife had meaning and those unfit for survival met their fates on the pavement, where heroes emerged on both sides of a conflict and valor meant peer recognition and appraisal.

We must be swift. We must be stealthy. And above all, we must be vigilant! Comrades, break free of your dehumanizing technological chains and revolt against the modern world of radios and generators! Reclaim yourselves and become what you were born to be! Long (un)live Humanity! Long live the Revolution! Long live Project Mayhem!

Signed, "The Leader"


1. First Rule of Project Mayhem: You do not ask questions.

2. Second Rule of Project Mayhem: You DO NOT ask questions.

3. Third Rule of Project Mayhem: All radios and generators are to be destroyed.

4. Fourth Rule of Project Mayhem: All obstacles towards the destruction of radios and generators are to be destroyed.

5. Fifth Rule of Project Mayhem: Active use of radio transmitters and associated generators by Project Mayhem comrades is only tolerated if that use directly or indirectly promotes the destruction of radios and generators, or of obstacles to said destruction of radios and generators.

6. Sixth Rule of Project Mayhem: Maintain secrecy at all times.

7. Seventh Rule of Project Mayhem: No Excuses.

8. Eighth Rule of Project Mayhem: No Lies.

9. Ninth Rule of Project Mayhem: You have to trust The Leader.

10. Tenth Rule of Project Mayhem: Failure to comply with the Ten Rules of Project Mayhem results in death.

Recruitment Policy

Contact The Leader by the given e-mail with the subject 'Project Mayhem'. Include your character name and your primary suburb(s) of residence. You will be acknowledged by The Leader and, if nearby comrades are available, assigned to a Project Mayhem cell. For your safety, as well as the safety of your comrades, you will know no others as members of Project Mayhem outside of your current cell. Homework assignments will be issued accordingly.